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Does this have possibilities or what? The pinhead Bible!

Asked by wundayatta (58617points) September 11th, 2008

Israeli nanotechnology scientists have succeeded in printing the entire “Old Testamant” in Hebrew on a silicon chip “smaller than a pinhead,” reports the Internet news source Science Daily. The feat was accomplished by shooting a focused beam of tiny particles, called gallium ions, to etch the text onto the gold-covered surface of the chip. “The nanobible project demonstrates the miniaturization at our disposal,” explains Professor Uri Sivan of the Technion-Israel Institute of Technology. It also paves the way for “storing information in very small spaces.”

Geez. What else should we publish on pins?

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But…. why….?

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Exactly! Come on. Use your imagination!

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My bank account.
With the money I spent lately buying my new flashy sailboat there’s no need to nanotecnologists to make it fit in a pinhead.

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Hasn’t stuff like this been done before, such as the bible on a grain of salt? Admittedly, a grain of salt is slightly larger—but I think that was done by an actual human.

Of course, I learned this when I was about 7 and haven’t checked it out since then.

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I welcome this technology and I’m sure the environmentalist do also who have been saying that we use too much paper. World consumption of paper has grown 400% in the last 40 years. A 2005 report from Greenfacts concluded in their 2005 report that primary forest globally were reduced by 60,000 square kilometers per year. Trees produce oxygen, clean the soil, and clean the air. Although I don’t believe we are at a critical point or in danger of having a shortage of trees. I think we should be opened to e-books and more electronic messaging. It seems they way things are going we will be able to get most of the New York Best Seller Listson our cell phones.

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I suspect that this is a crucial step in a right-wing conspiracy to hang the 10 commandments up in government buildings without the ACLU finding out.

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Might also be an attempt by “creation scientists” to make Genesis easier to swallow

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A few years ago, IBM scientists were able to show, using an electron microscope, that they could arrange (and photograph) individual atoms, positioned precisely in such a manner, that these individual atoms as positioned, formed the letters IBM.

The photograph (and accompanying article) claimed that because they were able to position individual atoms in such a precise pattern, that IBM would henceforth be able to create computer components that would run faster and more efficiently than any currently available (at the time of that news being published).

I wish I could find a link to that photo, or the article itself, so I could show it to everyone.

If someone remembers it and can find a link to it, I’d be grateful.

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Next comes all those angels on the silicon chip. How many, you ask?

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The end result of all of this technology, is that one day, a CD will be developed that is the size of an American Quarter, and that on that one CD, will be the words found in every single book, currently housed in the US Library of Congress

Before you snicker about that projection, I’d like to point out that I own a single CD, which contains, all properly catalogued and cross-referenced, One Million Food/Drink Recipes, and it cost me less than $20.

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Oops. I meant a grain of rice. Not a grain of salt. Kind of a different there.

edit: I just went and looked it up. It was just the Lord’s Prayer. So don’t mind me.

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