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Have you ever had the wrong advice from a computer technical support worker?

Asked by Inspired_2write (14206points) May 29th, 2021

Today is day three of such an occurrence.
If I had listened to the first advice given I wouldn’t had been able to ask this question as she would had erased all three years of my research, photographs, downloads of which could not be replaced.
It was an agonizing three days for me but in the end after refusing the advice and tracking down Microsoft, Cellphone provider and computer provider eventually was able to establish connection and keep all of my original files.
Now it became very apparent that I must print out hard copies of my files to ensure that it does not get lost forever.
Cellphone personnel also screwed up by turning on BOTH data and WiFi buttons which also caused problems until my internet provider advised me to turn OFF the data button as I would surely be charged after I had it on three days.

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Carbonite. $80 a year. They back your stuff up.

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Only always :(

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Ya and I literally wiped out my entire operating system! Lost so many pictures. However I’m a chronic sharer. I’d come across pictures here and there. I guess I rebuilt 80% of my picture library that way.
Then I had fluther friend tell me about Carbonite. I down loaded it instantly.

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In Canada i-Cloud is free but I don’t trust that.

Apparently in the future all those images that people saved on free i-cloud will be charged a

subscription free to retrieve it when they refuse to subscribe to get the pictures back.

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@Inspired_2write With my information, photos etc. I back my computer up to an external hard drive very 2 or three weeks. I use an application called Carbon Copy Cloner. Really is important to have an accurate copy.

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External Hard Drive might be the solution for me since after backing up a copy on external hard drive i should unplug it until I need it again since if I leave it plugged into my computer it could be lost when hacked etc

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Someone from Boost Mobile bricked my old phone while trying to transfer its service to my new phone. Luckily, I had already backed up all of my data.

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Yeah, the one where the dill advises this will fix it and wipe your computer is my fave.

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@JeSuisRickSpringfield….hi ya! Long time no see!

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@Dutchess_III What do you expect? My phone was turned into a brick!

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