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Does anyone know of an interesting and unique Native American Tribe that I could do a report on?

Asked by generalspecific (1874points) September 11th, 2008

10 minute presentation due monday.. ugh.

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I like Acoma myself.

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I’ve always had an interest in the Anasazi.

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How about the Miwoks?

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Ohlone or one of their sub-tribes such as the Tamyen.

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I’ll second Anasazi. They built homes in the side of cliffs

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The Ohlone Indians were very interesting in the manner that self governed social structure and law, how they viewed wealth, and even their inter-tribal warfare.

There’s a great book called “The Ahlone Way” that talks about it all. They resided in the California bay area, present day San Francisco.

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Iroquois, you can always metion that J.K. front man of Jamiroquai was inspired by this tribe to get the name for his band :)

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How about either the Chihenne or Chiricahua Apache.

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The Nisenan from the Sacramento Valley are intersting. Do a web search on the Nisenan along with “Sutter’s fort” and you should find much to do a presentation on.

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Fekowi, the lost nation heh heh heh

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Ewoks… Not sure if they’re “Indians”, but they are hunter gatherers!

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Ewoks?!! No, Miwoks!!!

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@Babo LoL. That’s a tribe! That cracks me up!

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Since Puerto Rico is a territory of the US, consider the Taino indians .

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An Army buddy of mine is a Hopi Indian and he invited me out to the reservation in Tuba, Arizona for a week. It was probably the most memorable week of my life. The people were great and plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables at every meal. In the morning they would walk on their front porches and throw this ground up maze, for a good day, spiritual kind of thing. My friend’s uncle made Kachina dolls for the children on the reservation. Some say the Kachina Dolls have a spirit of their own. They have many traditions including an annual reservation Olympics and the bean festival. They are famous for their very accurate prophecies, but to me they we always be famous for kindness.

So if you ask me I say the Hopi! Even tho I’m a 1/4 Blackfoot

Plus the first american indian female soldier to die in combat was a Hopi Indian. As a matter of fact she was killed just days before I arrived on the reservation, but they said a baby was born on the reservation the same day too. So they were sad but proud at the same time.

I Hopi I will see them again….

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The Abenaki. This tribe was mostly located in the New England area and were the unfortunate victims of the study of Eugenics. It’s basically a nice word for racial hygiene. Vermont particularly practiced voluntary sterilization most of which was not actually voluntary. Check out the Vermont Eugenics Project from the 1920’s and 30’s. This idea was also adopted by a famous man named Hitler.

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Chumash, central California

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@Gallcia, eugenics has gotten associated with “racial hygiene”, but it doesn’t have to mean that. put another way, it largely has a bad rep because the Nazis favored it.

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I also vote Anasazi or “the ancient ones” or as my husbands family calls them “the ancient enemies” . My husband is Navajo and I think that it is interesting they call them enemies. I have never found out why. They did live in cliff dwellings like at Mesa Verda Colorado, but also had a wide range all though out the south west. Here in NM there are may very interesting ruins. The Aztec ruins if very popular, also Chaco Canyon is probably the most well know. We have tourist from every where come hear to see them. Very mysterious where they came from and where they went. Check it out!

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