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What is?broccoflower romanesco and where does it grow?

Asked by ciripet (108points) September 11th, 2008

found a new veggi ?

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It is a green variant of cauliflower, and it appears that it was first grown in Italy, though I would imagine it could be grown just about anywhere with relatively fertile soil.

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“Romanesco is a yellow-green cauliflower variety with spiraled florets that make it look like a headdress for a Siamese princess. It has a milder flavor than regular cauliflower. Look for it in specialty markets.

Broccoflower is the brand name of a strain of cauliflower developed commercially by Tanimura & Antle Inc., a Salinas, Calif. grower, which brought seeds to the United States from Holland. Broccoflower has the green color of broccoli all the way through but it tastes like cauliflower, though somewhat sweeter. There are other versions of green cauliflower, sometimes incorrectly called Broccoflower the way tissues are sometimes called Kleenex. Some of these other versions may not have green color all the way through but may just have a green head.”



Cauliflower likes cool, moist areas. So the foggy coastal climates of the California central coast are prime cauliflower growing areas.Not surprisingly, California is the leading supplier. Arizona, New York, Michigan, Oregon and Texas also produce cauliflower. Cauliflower is imported from Canada and Mexico as well.”

In California, the majority of it is grown in the Salinas Valley, which is the area of central California closer to the coast, below San Jose, and west of Monterey, CA. Most of the lettuce is grown there as well, as well as artichokes.

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Edit: Salinas is actually SouthEAST of Monterey. Monterey is on the coast and Salinas is somewhat inland, but still gets some of the coastal weather and fog of Monterey, but typically has more warmth, especially in the afternoons. San Jose (and the Santa Clara Valley) are northwest of Salinas. LINK

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