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Has anyone run either the LA Marathon or the San Fransisco Marathon?

Asked by imagine401 (51points) November 12th, 2006
Also considering running the Napa Valley Marathon-- any thoughts?
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really? which one?
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i heard the LA marathon isn't great, that san fran is better
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but thinking napa valley cuz it's in march, and i dont want to wait till the summer
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i ran new york twice, which is so high energy i want something relatively similar
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Yes, thousands of people have.
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my point is that since that's my only marathon experience, i'd like to know what a good marathon is california is
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i'm not tooting my own horn, its' not that unusual
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I’ve ran the San Francisco and Napa marathons several times. SF is much tougher than Napa as it has more hills and lots of turns. They change the SF course a lot too but it generally starts out by crossing the Golden Gate bridge which is cool. I like Napa better because it is smaller and more peaceful as you run through the country side. There are only 3 hills to contend with at Napa but be aware of a constant head wind most of the way. After the last hill you will have a flat and fast last 6 miles of the race.

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