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How are you adjusting to the opening up?

Asked by stanleybmanly (24008points) 1 month ago

I’m alarmed and a little surprised at the eagerness of folks to resume the assault on our “hospitality” here. Nobody believes me when I ask them to stay home. I knew I would have this sutuation with my neice who is depressingly gregarious and therefore irresistible , but the entire social marathon is ramping up at a frightening rate, and my assumed resistance is apparently illusory. I’ve actively engaged in deliberately hurting people’s feelings to little effect. No one takes me seriously. The wife (who EVERYONE fears and has no trouble being regarded with respect) is running off to Hawaii for a week agreeing to allow me to stay home while my neice and her husband blow through on their annual pilgrimage to our house and other West coast business. The phone is back to ringing incessantly, and the assumption is now that I am retired, I have nothing else to do beyond entertaining and dashing about. How are you coping with “normal”?

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I just ate in a restaurant for the first time since the March 11, 2020. It was in a county that had mask orders almost the entire time so quite a few people were wearing masks when they walked around, way more than where I live.

I have been going to my zumba classes and other indoor things once I was was vaccinated. Most people where I live were vaccinated before I was eligible, so I felt pretty good that almost everyone I encountered was vaccinated and I watched the numbers and the cases went steadily down, so I feel ok where I live, BUT I want stranger people in general to still keep a little bit more distance than usual, because I don’t want to catch anything anyway, and I have always felt this way. I thought covid would get people into a better habit, but no, pretty much most people only worried about covid, don’t care about preventing any other spread of any other diseases, and just forget it things are basically back to how they were. Ugh. People extending their hands for a handshake, and if I feel like I can’t say no it is like before just trying to remember to not touch my face.

The public bathrooms still feel like high risk to me. Crowded and covid is present in human excrement.

In summary, I feel relatively back to normal and safe and willing to do all my social activities, but I am more hypervigilant about keeping my hands clean than before covid and if I know someone is not vaccinated I keep more distance.

PS: My husband’s doctor canceled an appointment yesterday because she is sick, and I feel pretyy sure she would not have prior to covid, so I am happy about that. I have had more than one doctor sick with a cold during an appointment and it pisses me off.

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I haven’t done anything different yet. Tomorrow, it all changes though as I’m going to a friend’s house for lunch. There will only be four of us and we’re all long vaccinated and cautious. I suspect it will be fine.

We did get invited to a shindig for next month, indoors, with 100 people (!!!) I’m not sure I want to go.

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I have eaten outdoors at little coffee shops a few times, and I have been in a few more stores. I am fortunate to live in CT, where the vaccine rollout has been excellent, and where people are still being mindful.

I am still very cautious, but hopeful.

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I’m still very leery of people who don’t wear masks. Still too many unvaccinated people out there to start trusting everybody.

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Just had my second dose. I had a haircut had a big piece of lime pie. I’m used to staying indoors. Even before Covid.

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I think the big test of my adjustment will be when I fly out to Wisconsin in July for my friend’s wedding. Right now I’m not really doing anything different.

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@Demosthenes After driving to Nashville I think I would feel safer flying since flights still have mask rules.

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I don’t think confinement in a packed airline cabin will be as safe as your car. Then there’s the airports, the smorgasbords for international pathogens.

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@stanleybmanly It’s the bathrooms. I don’t have the good stops on that route yet.

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Wow!! I’d never thought about bathrooms. I don’t envy you girls!

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Good health everyone!

No adjustment period needed here. I good to go. Been retired since 2015 and so all through 2020 and this year my wife and I have been doing our own thing (canoe paddling and hiking). i never enjoyed eating at restaurants or going to sports event or movies.

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When pubs reopened allowing outdoor service only, people sat there, drinking in the rain.
Since indoor patronage returned customers now take up that option when it’s blazing sunshine out…Brits huh?

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The past year I’ve been to coffee shops and bars on numerous occasions with friends, wearing a mask while sitting outside and socially distanced. So the change doesn’t feel all that weird to me.

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I have been out to eat with no masks going on, but no one was that close to us anyways. And one visit to a friend’s house. Everyone involved was fully vaxxed. I still wear a mask in a store even if it’s not required. I find the massive change with all these big crowds a bit unsettling.

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A little leery yet since I don’t get my 2nd vaccine dose until June 17 and surrounded by others NOT wearing masks nor social distancing despite our Mayor did NOT authorize for our Town as yet?

We expect an influx of tourists soon but hopefully next week we will get the go ahead as Provincial government will authorize the all clear.

Then I read saw on TV this announcement about a Major city n our Province that had an outbreak of Delta Variant cases (10) .

This city is a major center for air travelers to and from West and Eastern Canada.

I fear more Delta cases will spread because of air travel and once again the Hospitals will be

inundated with overflow of cases.

Link to article:

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I’m in NY right next to CT, so I have been in NY and CT the whole time, except for two short vacations last year to Newport and Cape Cod.

I was shopping in stores (mostly Costco, Walmart and Home Depot) since the beginning of the shutdown. I started going to restaurants, eating outdoors, when things opened up in CT last summer. Maybe once a week I’d go to a restaurant with friends. In the autumn, when it started getting cold, I’d eat indoors at restaurants.

I’ve been keeping up with all doctor and dentist visits since March 2020.

I have been working a few hours a day for a few days a week since last summer.

In short, the opening up is not drastically different to me than life has been.

My main changes from pre-pandemic is no long or far vacations, no movie theaters, plays or other large gatherings. I always was very big on handwashing my whole adult life so that’s not a big change for me. I wear a mask still, in public indoor places even though it’s no longer necessary. I never wiped down my mail and I’m glad because the experts ended up saying it was unnecessary, so friends and family who had big anxiety about their mail probably wasted a lot of time and energy for nothing.

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I kind of enjoyed the mask fetishists. If I wanted to be left alone, or not bothered by pushy salespeople, all I had to do was whip off my mask.

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You cannot possibly look so bad that you frighten away salespeople!

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I don’t. That is why I am disappointed by the end of the mandates. Now maskless is no longer frightening.

However, I could use a tuck or two, and masks are less expensive than surgery. ;-D

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