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Do you think Harvey Weinstein is guilty?

Asked by KNOWITALL (25692points) 1 month ago

He still maintains his innocence but is currently serving a 23 year sentence in New York at age 63. A judge ruled he will also be extradited to California to face additional charges, which his legal team did not want.
Was he a victim of PC culture wars or did he do the crimes based on the evidence?

Do you think his bouts of illness and fever are real?
He had one recently in March as well as currently.

Do you think jail is appropriate for older criminals or what would you like to see happen when they reach a certain age?

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Apparently he was found guilty, otherwise he wouldn’t be doing time.
If he is sick he can receive medical help in a prison hospital, if needed.
For the rest he can spend his sentence in a cel, just like any other criminal.
No matter his age.

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The court found him guilty, therefore he is guilty. Jurisprudence is a lot of really bad liberal philosophy, so I’m not going to get into the semantics of “guilty”.

Did he actually rape the women who alleged that he did? I’ve really no idea. I didn’t hear the testimonies, don’t know what the exact allegations were, and I don’t know what evidence was presented. It doesn’t really matter either. The court found him guilty, and that’s that.

Sometimes the application and interpretation of law reflects current norms, and he really was the “victim of PC culture wars”. It doesn’t matter. The court found him guilty. He’s guilty.

If evidence were the primary requirement of a court room, cases would be conducted by scientists searching for “objective truth”, and not by skilled rhetoricians manipulating jurors with language and ambiguity, where the result of any individual case can depend on the abilities of the lawyers, the whims and thinking skills of the jurors, and the influence of the judge.

In a bygone era, maybe it would have been all shrugged off, the accusors dismissed as hysterical harridans, and that they were really consenting to, or even instigating sex, because they thought it would advance their careers—something that was the ‘norm’ for Weinstein—until the culture, social norms, and expectations changed, and he became a “victim” of a changing world, and he could no longer sexual harass, manipulate, and likely rape women.

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I don’t really see how anyone can question it with the multiple stories that came out from multiple women in great detail.

He and Bill Cosby can rot in jail for all I care.

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@janbb Both blamed politics and the political climate for their guilty verdicts. I just find it interesting how both are playing different games but they are both older men, so perhaps it’s just that mindset.

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Yeah, date rape after drugging and naked exposure, rape, and masturbation by powerful men were more accepted in the “good ol’ days.”

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I found it interesting that Weinstein’s brother broke all ties when it all came out from the beginning. There was no standing behind him at all.
Though I think they both were part owners of the same company, so that could’ve been part of the reason.
I think what sealed it for me beyond any doubt is when Gwennith Paltrow came forward and said he tried to force himself on her. She told then boyfriend Brad Pitt who confronted Weinstein and said he would kill him if it happened again. Brad Pitt collaborated this. But this isn’t the reason I believe her. Her parents were/are high up in the Hollywood hierarchy. She had no reason to make this up.

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Yes, I believe he is guilty and deserves to be in jail.
I have read several first person accounts, and I think he is a pig.

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No hung jury, no mistrial
He wasn’t found not guilty

What’s left?

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If the court found him guilty he is guilty. Victims have claimed he did it, so what more is needed to be said?

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I think he’s guilty. I also think men like that often believe the women wanted it (whatever the it is at the time) as much as they did.

Putting a drug in someone’s drink is a whole different thing. I didn’t remember Weinstein did that. @janbb was that just Cosby or Weinstein also?

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@JLeslie That was just Cosby as far as I know.

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@janbb Evil. The women had no opportunity to protest. Terrifying.

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I believe he did what he’s been accused of.

As far as older people spending time in jail, as the saying goes, “You do the crime, you do the time.” Getting caught at a late stage in their lives, I bet they thought they’d gotten away with it and might have even been having a chuckle at pulling the wool over everyone’s eyes.

Samuel Little confessed to killing over 90 women and they were able to verify 50 of them, making him the most prolific offender in history. He died in prison in December of 2020, at age 80. He only served 6 years. What? ... ‘Poor baby’ because he was old? Fuck that.

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Getting sick when you’re caught seems like a common thing for big shots like mobsters, dictators, and Harvey Weinstein who get called to account.

I can believe it is either

1) They are making a play for sympathy.

- and/or -

2) Going from extreme power and wealth to a jail cell makes them feel sick.

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I don’t know enough. But it seems the evidence is overwhelming to the point of certainty. I have yet to hear a single soul bother to refute or question the verdict thus far.

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I’m sure Weinstein is guilty as charged and he’s no less guilty for having become old.

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I agree with the jury that he is guilty. I am happy he’s in jail for what will probably be the rest of his life.

I think that in his sick mind, he thinks the women wanted it. I think he really believed that they liked him and wanted him.

As for whether or not jail is appropriate for older people, there are special sections of prison that are specifically for older people. Harvey Weinstein may be in Protective Custody, I’m not sure. If so, he would be isolated from the general population so not as vulnerable to predators.

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There were so many witnesses, they didn’t even need to call. Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar… and sometimes a Sick power tripping fuck is a sick power tripping fuck. The actors and actresses and his assistants were more able to talk about the situation here in Europe, and they did, freely. I believe all of them.

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