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Creepy or a brilliant opporunity? Store your loved one's cremated remains in a 3D-printed urn in the shape of their head?

Asked by elbanditoroso (30210points) 1 month ago

I go with creepy.


But I see an opportunity for people to save other parts of their body for use by their loved ones.

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That’s pretty fucking creepy.

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Creepy. I don’t find ashes creepy, or making gem stones from ashes creepy, but a bust of their head seems creepy.

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Lord have mercy!

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I agree CREEPY!!!

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Sounds like something out of an old horror “B” horror movie. I’ll pass.

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Yesterday on facebook I noted this as “creepiest thing on the internet today”. i think I might have to extend that to “creepiest thing on the internet this month.

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Why not just have a taxidermist stuff and mount your loved ones head?

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How quaint.
Here are some better ideas.

- An automated, life-like animatronic head loaded with an AI that has your “loved” one’s voice, that regularly berates you, or tells you to take out the trash. Bonus features include making ghost noises or horrible screams in the middle of the night. “whoooooohoooo! I am haunting youuuuuuuu!”

- A life sized replica sex doll of the deceased, also equipped with the aforementioned AI, that randomly freaks out during your sessions, telling you to get off them and calling you a pervert.

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I like it.
Especially the fact that they come without hair…

“Here, an exact replica of your loved one, bald!”

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Fucked up!
Then what, have conversations, tea & scones, dab the mouth with an embossed napkin?

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Imma go with “fucked up”.

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Creepy. No ashes for me, I am donating my entire body for recycle.

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Just bury me, on a lone prairie :)

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