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How do you rank your family, friends, or career for importance in your life?

Asked by Love_my_doggie (13028points) June 20th, 2021

Please tell us why.

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Family and friends # 1, career if you want to call it that, is over. Semi Retired and working a part time job with a friends company. So pretty far down on the list. It’s extra money is all it is.

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Family that I raised now live far away with their children so they are not a big part of my life any more. Friends, old and newer, are more a part of my daily life. I do have a few cousins that are like sisters to me. And my career was satisfying but never at the top of importance to me. So it’s friends.

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Family #1.
Job #2.

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My answer is family history, not current. My parents did their best to instill personal responsibility in my life, along with a strong belief in honesty and compassion. My dad was especially primary in helping me to accept my lot in life and make the best of my abilities. I did not have a “carrier” but gravitated to account oriented jobs. I was more “free” than some others on my age group because of my family acceptance.

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Disco, family, friends.

I have no career, but if I got a job as a Disco Jockey, then it would be career, Disco, and then whatever follows that. ;-p

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Just shoot me.

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words won’t do it.

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My family is number one, although the only family member I am really close to on an emotional and physical level is my daughter. My sister, cousins, aunts, stepfather are all loved by me but I don’t consider them a big part of my daily lives, or big emotional supports. I know if I had a problem, they would be there for me though.

Career-wise, my career is not important except for the money, which is decent and appreciated.

I am in touch with friends a lot through visiting, social media and texts/phone calls. I know we can depend on each other for daily issues and help, which is great . A good friend told me her father always said when you get older, you can count your good friends on one hand, which I’d say is pretty accurate.

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My company is family first so it works great.
Family 1, career 2.

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I have to itemize a bit (because ‘family’ and ‘friends’ and ‘career’ are too general).

1. Wife & Daughter
They are amazing and without them I’d have a very different life.

2. Our two dogs

3. My FT job
I love being a professor and helping my students.

4. Extended Family
They’re fun for holidays and add some color to life, but I can honestly take ‘em or leave ‘em.

5. Friends
I have some groups of friends who come and go, but rarely see any of them and am not very close with any of them.

6. My PT Jobs
Fine enough but just paychecks really.

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^^^ 7. Cookies

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@Love_my_doggie: Well, really more like 2.5

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@Brian1946 Just make sure you don’t swing your head too much, cuz then you’ll get disco-necked!

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disco really, REALLY, REALLY sucks

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