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Has the results of the Presidential election given you pause for who know?

Asked by Cruiser (40449points) November 21st, 2016

Most of us voted and who we voted for is either a closely held private matter or revealed to you in one of many ways. Some choose to make it very public, some shy away from the drama. Have you found yourself picking, choosing and re-evaluating your associations by how they voted this time around? I have seen previous elections create drama where not drama needed to really be….but this time out I am seeing/sensing some real deep held red lines in the sand that may be deal breakers for friendships.

The holidays are upon us….be honest….did how anyone voted for President affect your personal or even Jelly relationships in anyway? Anyone booted off your facebook friends list or Christmas card list because of how they voted?

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I have not booted anyone but I believe I may have been booted by several on FB but, seriously, don’t care. Sorry if I offended by not seeing things the way I should have..

Also, I try not to hold a persons beliefs and subsequent voting choices against them. I may believe they are misguided but not a single person I know is purposely hurtful or full of hate for others.

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I’m pretty good at compartmentalizing these things, and also I only have a few friends to start with who voted for Trump anyway. But those few who did, my opinion of them is unchanged.

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I vote my conscience. If somebody doesn’t like it they can kiss my Trump. I expect everyone else to feel the same way, and I respect them for it.

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I don’t care who someone voted for.

I do worry some right wing friends of mine judge me, or feel negatively about me because some of them are so fucking one sided and blinded it’s scary. I’m fairly moderate I think, and yet you would think I’m Bernie Sanders by how some of my acquaintances assume I am a left wing wingnut, and even when I agree with them it goes right over their head because all they see is a big blue sign in front of my face.

People on both sides are off the wall lately, and quite honestly some of them are just plain ignorant and stupid.

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I haven’t booted anyone I really know from FB, regardless of who they voted for. Nobody has posted anything I found so incompatible with my values that I’d need to banish them.

I play games sometimes and have a lot of people on my FB friends list that aren’t my friends. If any of them posted extreme right-wing bullshit, they’ve been deleted. I don’t need or want to see their rubbish.

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I think who someone votes for should be private and not pried into.

If someone is proudly volunteering that they voted for Trump, I am curious to know why, to try to understand. I tend to have negative reactions to that. I may have some friends or family who might have – not sure – but the only suspects are ones whose political views I already disagree with or disrespect.

The primary had a bigger impact, and the pre-election had some. I lost a lot of respect for many politicians and some degree of political (though not personal) respect for a few friends and some family over their support for Clinton over Sanders. I find that to be a very difficult choice to understand and/or respect. I also don’t have much respect for the behavior of people I know who asked others to shut up about what the DNC did to Sanders, or other Clinton criticisms or DNC criticisms or mainstream Democrat criticisms after Clinton was made the candidate.

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No. I’ve “unfollowed” people on FB because their posts are repetitive and annoying, but I haven’t cut off any friendships (either virtual or IRL) because of it.

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I’m on my way to work today to a place I haven’t been since the election. I’m dreading it because there is a guy there from Italy who had been repeating rubbish from the alt right and I do not want to discuss politics with a person who had Berlusconi as their leader for that many years.

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I don’t like racists, and don’t befriend them to start with.

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Indeed, the primaries had a much greater impact on my virtual social life than the general election. The entire leftist population on Able2Know spiralled in a vortex of hatred over Clinton vs. Sanders… Very depressing.

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No, as I believe most of them will come to see the error they made. As for Trump himself since being voted President I will have nothing to do with the man.

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I voted for no fucker but feel like maybe some here got all butthurt because I find Trump being President hilarious…ho-hum.

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Only one couple we know surprised us. We never discuss politics, but if I had to guess, I would have said they were pretty liberal — particularly the wife. Turns out I was wrong (it came up briefly at a get-together). I don’t think it will effect the relationship.

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I consider the day after the election the first day of amnesty for all family and friends. It is difficult to carry out sometimes and can take some time for bad feelings to dissipate, but the hand is always extended.

I learned a valuable lesson during the Vietnam War and I learned it the hard way. That war threatened to break up my very large family. If it wasn’t for our wise and strong matriarch, we would have let it destroy us.

Wars and presidencies are temporary. They are not worth disrupting one’s whole family and social life. It is most important to avoid personal criticisms during these events as your friends and family may not be so forgiving afterwards. Family and friends are not worth losing over temporary political events.

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I mainly just sit back and watch how people behave. Some people have lost a little credibility with me but it does not really affect day to day relationships, just what I’m willing to trust them with.

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I try to avoid getting into arguments and/or debates about politics, same as I do for religion. I firmly believe that you believe what you believe, I believe what I believe, I’m not going to change your mind and you’re not going to change mine.

I have friends who are Republican, Democrat, Socialist, Independent, don’t vote, do vote, campaign for politicians, you name it. Whatever. It’s all good. Again, same as religion. I have atheist friends, Catholic friends, Protestant friends. We very rarely discuss religion in “real life” and we are definitely not arguing about it like people do on Fluther. We may discuss politics but same thing, not fighting about it.

Let’s not argue. Let’s not fight on Facebook and unfriend each other. I think that’s extremely stupid.

I have a FB friend who constantly posted “baiting” types of posts about the election, and then she’d get so mad and unfriend people right and left. Maybe she had too much free time, I don’t know.. I don’t have the time or the energy for drama like that. She didn’t unfriend me because I avoided her shit for the most part.

Occasionally I’ll post a joke about Trump or something but I really try my best to steer clear.

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I have pretty strong feelings about the election. If the president-elect were a mainstream republican, I’d be disappointed but ok with it. I understand why a lot of people wanted a change. But the level of open bigotry from Trump is NOT COOL. It’s not even “yeah he’s kinda racist but life will continue like normal.” He’s promising to do things that will hurt a lot of already marginalized people.

I’m not ending any friendships, but for the opposite reason. I’m a white straight woman so the hammer isn’t going to fall on me as hard. Being white also means there are more Trump supporters in my community. To me it’s an imperative to try to change as many minds as possible. If I cut people out of my life, I won’t be able to do that.

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Thanks @Haleth My favorite answer so far.

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You don’t really have to work hard to change peoples minds about the guy. A lot of his votes were “well this is the 2nd worst evil” When I say a lot it’s most of them. I still don’t get why the left thinks the right is all up with Trump. Most on the right fucking hate him too, just not as bad as Hillary. Only a few I know are celebrating this election and it has got more to do with gloating over the left than it does with a Trump victory. All that said I think Trump is again, more moderate than we have been lead to believe. He comes across to me as someone has duped people into voting for him by making all of these outlandish promises that could never be kept. Hopefully when the rubber meets the road we’ll see backpedaling on some of this and I think we already are. The Bannon thing is a little concerning though. It would be like Hillary appointing Michael Moore. Quite a blunder.

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^ GA. I sure hope you’re right.

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@ARE_you_kidding_me Is 100 % correct at least by me. Here are Trump’s policies as he is presenting them post election victory. Can you say watered down?

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@Cruiser On the other hand, his appointments? I hope he is setting them up for a lot of “you’re FIRED” scenes as in his TV career.

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@Cruiser can we say ‘watered down’? That depends. Can you say ‘Fascist White Supremacist’?

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@cazzie I will work on it and get back to you.

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A conservative won. He gets to do conservative things. People like @Cruiser get to cheer and people like @Mariah get to be upset, but that’s the way of political cycles.

Where we should ALL be concerned is when Trump goes out of the range of normal like appointing Bannon (obviously) and telling the British government who he wants as ambassador. (Nigel Farage in case anybody is wondering). He also had three tweets today complaining about the New York Times. That’s not the measured behavior we wish for.

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Oxymoron Trump and measured behavior

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Trump is a bull in a china shop but I think the world is getting the message on how to deal with him. Grains of salt, really big grains of salt.

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I’ve become very skeptical of the Democratic Party from this election. The party leadership has been proven to be corrupt and has sold middle class Americans out for cocktail shrimp, big donor checks and happy endings courtesy of the corporations they were elected to be keeping in check. This election has shown that some of us aren’t going to put up with their shit anymore and may see some of us abandon ship if they keep up business as usual.

As far as friends and family, I try not to get political with them.

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Yes. I have one relative that I will have nothing to do with them from here on out. Why? It’s simple. They finally showed who they really were. I thought because this person worked in fema that he was a decent person. True he use to joke about everyone and everything but I thought he just pushed the envelope sometimes because he would say anything to get a laugh. I mean he would even make jokes about his mom who he adores.

But during the primaries his on line rants became clear about the real person he is.
So it’s not that I decided to dislike him because we have different views. I dislike him because now I know who he really is on the inside. He’s someone I never would’ve made a friendship with had I known how racist and close minded he was. BTW, this is not a relation that we kept in constant touch. So not a big deal to totally cut him out of our lives.

Relatives are treated the same as any person I meet. Blood doesn’t mean you get to be a total a hole and I feel obligated to know you and much less associate with you. I’m sure he feels the same way about me by now. So no loss. I have no problem replacing an a hole person in my life with someone who isn’t.

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I’ve been surprised by a few friends and relatives but no changes in my relationships. I don’t understand the violent reaction on facebook. If I don’t like a post, I don’t read it. I have friends on both the right and the left that make some pretty ridiculous statements but I don’t let that change our relationship. Believe what you want and I’ll believe what I want. If you want to argue politics, I’ll’ accommodate you. Otherwise we can argue golf scores.

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