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If a Q gets sent back for editing are the existing answers deleted from your profile?

Asked by JLeslie (61181points) 1 month ago

Also, what if something you wrote is deleted by the mods, will what you wrote no longer appear on your profile within all of your responses?

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As I recall, no answers are not deleted. You just perform the edit, then wait until the Q is put back. I believe the same applies to anything you write. I’ve had posts deleted for whatever reason, but they still appear on my profile.

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If a question is changed in editing, it only makes sense that the answer is also edited if not deleted due to no longer being pertinent.

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Answers asking for the question to be edited, are usually moderated with the question itself. So none the wiser.

Sorry. Your answers are deleted. Your Lurve still shows.

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Edit. I think your question and answers still exist. Your answers and questions are just blocked from accessing.

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Doing a simple experiment, it doesn’t seem so.

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@janbb Is that for modded stuff also? So, if someone has their post modded, if we go to that jelly’s profile we can read what was deleted?

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^^ I can’t verify that right now but I would think if it was modded off, it wouldn’t show up on their profile. You’d have to check it after you see a modded post.

Response moderated
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“Deleted” as in actually gone, no. But invisible, yes.

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Ok, right, I can see what wrote still on my profile.

Thanks for the test.

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