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How much does a bucket of KFC cost in your local KFC?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (24047points) July 17th, 2021

In Red Deer mine is:
Original Chicken Bucket (18 pcs)

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Variety bucket
3 kipstukken + 6 hot wings + 4 crispy strips + 2 frites (M) + 2 coleslaw€ 14,95

Party bucket
33 hot wings + 4 frites (M)€ 22,95

Family bucket
9 kipstukken + 16 hot wings + 4 frites (M) + 4 halve maïskolven + 4 coleslaw€ 29,95

9 kipstukken€ 14,95
12 kipstukken€ 18,95
15 kipstukken€ 22,95
21 kipstukken€ 29,95
27 hot wings€ 15,95
36 hot wings€ 19,95
45 hot wings€ 23,95
63 hot wings€ 29,95

Times 1,18


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What is a Kipstukken?

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16 piece $25.99

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@elbanditoroso Pieces of chicken.
Maïskolven = corn.

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It costs all the misery and suffering of the chickens’ atrocious 35-day industrial existences, and the karma that comes with rewarding it.

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Last time I saw, $30

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The KFC web site will tell you the price of their inhumane products at any store in the USA. There are also international KFC sites that let you find stores, but some (e.g., the German one) don’t seem to let you see prices.

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My local (Redding, California). KFC’s largest bucket (chicken only) is 12 pieces, and costs $25.

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Let me look it up. 20 pieces (chicken only) $36.00

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I’m surprised it’s that much, but there are always coupons and flyers in the papers and weekly ads from the supermarket. You can get deals and specials.

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Go for the “twenty dollar fill up”..can’t beat it with a stick. Finger kickin’ good. Price is right as well.

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It’s been a long time since I’ve visited the Colonel. There’s an outlet 2 blocks from my house, but given a choice, I’ll take Popeye’s

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