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I think that it's a great time for a Fluther roll call. July 20, 2021?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (19075points) 6 days ago

Who is here to full time?
Who is lurking?

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I’m here, but it’s late, so I’m going to bed. Gotta get up early tomorrow.

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Here. Insomnia is a bitch.

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Bob_ has been fairly active, but he probably won’t post here unless a sandwich call is included. ;-p

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I’m here – sometimes posting, sometimes lurking. Checking in multiple times a day.

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I’m here; just fed the dogs breakfast.

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Anybody said something about sandwiches?

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@bob_ There was a study that confirms that Subway tuna sandwiches actually contain real tuna.

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@RedDeerGuy1 If they needed a study in the first place, that’s not a great sign.

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@bob_ Yes. I agree. I had one four months ago and did not like. Too mushy. My preference from Subway is cold cut combo.

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@RedDeerGuy1 Can’t fuck up cold cuts! Chicken teriyaki is also solid.

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I’m here enjoying the gorgeous weather.

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I don’t feel like participating in this right now.

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@rebbel Hugs

And yes, I’m here.

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Here, nine hours later….haha!

You okay @rebbel ?

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I’m usually here for these but don’t notice them or don’t answer.

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I is here peoples.

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16 Jellys. Good to know.

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Plus whoever, like myself usually, isn’t noticing or isn’t answering.

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@RedDeerGuy1 A lot of us don’t check Meta very often. :)

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Being raised in VT, in French class we would say, “Ici!” (pronounced ee-cee)

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I poke around every now and then, but mainly in general.

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I was hoping there would be a thread similar to this, where I could pop back in and say hello again. I was surprised to find recently that Fluther still existed, and that my best friend @anniereborn is still here. I see several other names I recognise too.

All is well with me and my family, and since I was last year I have become a grandfather to a gorgeous little girl who is now almost three.

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uh… since I was last here

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@downtide Wow, great to see you! I’ve wondered about you at times!

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Thank you @janbb you’re one of the people I remember from before.:) It’s nice to be back.

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@downtide!! Great to see you again! Congratulations on your granddaughter. Don’t be spoiling her.

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@chyna It’s a grandparent’s job to spoil their grandkids! We are taking her to the beach tomorrow. :)

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Nice to see you @downtide! Congratulations on your granddaughter. Spoil the heck out of her.

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Congratulations, @downtide! That’s great news!

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@downtide Good to see you back, it’s been a while. Congratulations on the granddaughter by the way.

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Congratulations, @downtide! Hope you had a great beach day with family.

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A little late responding, but I’m here. And glad to see you, @downtide! Hope you stick around.

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Five days late, but I am here! So happy to have @downtide back around!

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Hi @downtide, long time no see.
What a nice surprise!

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Thank you for all your welcomes (and special hugs for @anniereborn).

And yes we had a lovely day at the beach. The weather was great but we still found a nice one with not too many people so there were no concerns about social distancing.

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