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How has your writing improved over time from Fluthering?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (19075points) 1 week ago

Do you notice any trends?

I noticed that new Jellies start with huge incoherent essays about how they are unhappy with something.

For me at least. I don’t spam Fluther with requests for free therapy. As much.

My writing style is improving.

What about you?

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Actually, it has suffered.
Not that I blame Fluther, but my own advancing age.
Sometimes a new comment appears on an old post, and I will scroll back to see how I answered. Often I am surprised at the wit and wording, and wonder if I could still match it.

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I agree with @filmfann I see my posts from 10 years ago and don’t think I can write like that anymore. I also think that age has a lot to do with it.

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I don’t think mine has changed significantly either due to Fluther or aging but I used to be more flirty and flippant here than I am now.

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I think my writing has improved, actually. It was never an issue for me but I was used to using more localized slang until someone here told me ‘ma’am’ was offensive to them. :D

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Actually what has improved my writing is writing movie reviews on Letterboxd. I see lots of movies and I write reviews for practice.

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I have become more aware of how someone may misinterpret what and how I say something.

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@KNOWITALL, do you consider “ma’am” localized slang? I consider it a term of respect, as long as it’s not said sarcastically.

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