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Can a deli slice fruit for me?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (24148points) July 24th, 2021

Or other things than deli meat? Like tomatoes?

Humor welcome.

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If you pay they’ll even slice mineral water for you.

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Depends on how cranky the deli workers are. I had one look at me sideways for asking them to slice chicken breast for me.

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A deli in a supermarket? In some of our supermarkets there is someone who slices fruits and vegetables. They slice fruit all day actually. It is a nice service. It’s over in the produce section, so I would ask them. The deli does slice vegetables for the salads they make and the extras for sandwiches, so yes, I would think they could cut fruits also if asked.

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Yes as my store also sells sliced fresh fruit in bowls.
They do it anyways, so why not?

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They can, but will they? Most stores already sell packaged sliced fruits. And if they will slice them at the deli just for you, they would of course charge you, I would say. Most delis serve special order party trays with sliced fruit, so I guess just order one of those, if you want a lot.

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