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If you have to pay if the cashier is short , then can you keep the extra if it is over?

Asked by talljasperman (21916points) October 31st, 2015

I told that to my boss and he got rid of the short cash out policy . Humor welcome . Also please share your funny work insights.

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Not usually. If you’re over it means you screwed up someplace, or somebody else did.

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Of course, if the cashier has a monetary interest in the register being over, they might purposely cheat customers. Not a good business plan.

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We used to get in more trouble if the registers were over than if they were under at the theater.

In the box office we handled so much cash so quickly they were cool with being around 25 under. Anything over that and you would get written up. But if you were five over they would write you up too.

I only worked in the box office a few times and was horrible at it. It was by far the worst job there. A few hours into my first shift a guy bought a ticket and then came back a few minutes later saying I shorted him. So I called the manager and we closed the till and audited it while the dude stood there waiting. And he was actually right. I gave the change for a ten but he had given me a 20. Then I was instructed to slide their bill under the keyboard and only put it in the register when they walk off. It was easy to take their money and put it in and then get distracted and give the wrong change.

My stint as a box office worker met a very abrupt end on my second day. There was a 30 something lady in the line that was just being a massive bitch. So she comes up and asks for a ticket. I rang up a senior ticket and then told her it would be $3.50. She was confused and asked why so cheap and I said it has a “honored citizen” ticket. Wanting more clarification I said I thought she was over 60. She did not take this well. She started screaming and the manager heard and ran over.

Luckily, the manager was a drinking and camping buddy and he thought it was really funny. But that was my last shift selling tickets.

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^ I wish someone would just offer me a senior ticket, even though I am no senior.

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