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Are there too many anti-vaxxers in G-20 countries, and if so, how did it happen?

Asked by flo (13313points) 1 month ago

Is it reasonable that there are so many anti vaxxers in western countries, why or why not?

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There are indeed too many people refusing the vaccine in areas where it is readily available. I don’t know how it happened.


This title question and the details are actually understandable. Well done.

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Because of the huge amount of unreliable information given out about various topics. People then try to figure out what the actual truth is, some people try to take advantage of that by providing even more incorrect information, and some well-intended people also put out incorrect information, and so even rational people can get confused or misled as to what to believe.

Regarding people avoiding the Covid-19 vaccine for no good reason, yes, there seem to be far too many people in that category, largely because of utterly intentional political disinformation strategies conducted by conservatives for perceived short-term political advantage, which is utterly irresponsible and should probably, in my opinion, be considered criminal misconduct, since it is directly leading to a large amount of death and other damage.

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Evangelical Christians being targeted by anti-vax and alt-right groups. It’s all over the world. Like I have said before, even my reporter in Kenya said some Christian leaders were scaring people away from the vaccines. A doctor friend of mine who is Evangelical and disgusted with doctors who aren’t getting vaccinated agrees with me about the very religious being targeted. My guess is the orthodox Jewish groups are in the same boat, they often are, but I don’t know for sure this time. As always I do NOT mean all Evangelicals, but a large enough subset that it matters. Most of my evangelical friends are vaccinated, but I think partly because they are older.

Targeting Evangelicals by anti-vax groups affects the Republican base and Black people in our country, and some other minorities. That is in my opinion the common thread for why Blacks and Republicans have low vaccination rates. The vaccination rate is low in “red” states, but most red states are where most Black people live.

These groups have footing in Germany, Spain, UK, all over Europe.

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@JLeslie True there is a lot of disinformation, but anyone who really wants to know anything and everything about the vaccines can actually look it up. It’s laziness and the joy of staying ignorant that drives this train so they have something to complain about.. People are arguing that they don’t want to be told what to do but they make no real effort to do the research. I have been up and down looking for all related information and I got the shot. It really isn’t too hard to think about. If you have love ones who can’t get the shot and you want the nation to get back to normal as soon as possible and you don’t want to die choking on your own blood, or possibly end up with long term organ damage, then a prick in the arm isn’t a big ask.

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@Pandora Many of them think they have researched it.

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Sometimes getting the vaccine is hard for those in other countries.

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@JLeslie They only say they have. Research for some people is whatever makes it into their Facebook stream or what their favorite media says or they are just saying what they heard through family and friends who fill their heads with rumors. I had such a conversation with my nephew who won’t take the shots. He swore he was informed and when I asked him what did he know, he knew very little because he really can’t be bothered to research it on his own. It’s been like pulling teeth out of a tiger’s mouth. When people are set not to know something they hunker down.

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I think it’s simpler than research or lack thereof.

How much research or evidence do you need when people are dropping dead around you?

I think most anti-vaxxers are people accustomed to having things their own way objecting to being told what to do for one of the few times in their lives.

Anyone willing to risk their lives and other people’s lives just to be right is accustomed to a certain level of privilege.

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@Pandora No, it is not that they only say they have it is that they actually THINK they have. I agree with everything else you wrote. I just feel you are missing that they think you are only digesting biased information. They feel as sure about their information as you do about yours.

Every so often there is something that the more left leaning media gets wrong, a lot of Democrats rush in believing it’s right and defending it, and the conservatives can cling to it as proof. I don’t mean only about covid, I mean any random issue. Democrats really need more careful. Republicans will seek any inconsistentes, just like we do about them.

@product Anti-vaxxers are against all vaccinations and promote ideas like vaccines cause infertility, make people sick, have fetal tissue in them, believe Gates is trying to control the world population, etc. Some of the people who won’t take the covid vaccine are being influenced by anti-vax messaging and don’t even realize how organized and purposeful that messaging is. Nor do they realize where it originates.

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@JLeslie Even if they feel they are right, it’s as simple as Saboteur said. There may be some Dems who just jumped in without looking over all the info they could find and it was probably due to people dropping like flies, but it didn’t make it wrong for doing it. I think it’s funny how the vaccine was developed under Trump and even his family took the vaccine but they are motivated not to help themselves because Trump won’t get all the glory.

As a Dem, I’m just looking to survive and help my family and friends survive and get back some semblance of normal life and for our nation to get back to normal as soon as possible and do my part to help it get there. . Dead is dead. Thank God I never worshipped any Human beyond reason. That’s just stupid. But Darwins Law always prevails.

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@Pandora Hey, I’m with you. I’m down here in Florida! Positivity rate in my county is now 23%. Although, I’m mostly in the next county when outside of my house, and that’s only 15%. We’re all hoping my city is actually much lower than the county, but we can’t get city data anymore.

I’m not doing any of my inside activities this coming week. It sucks. Hospitalizations going up. I know at least one person has died in the past two weeks in the local hospital. I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s more. An hour away in Orlando Advent hospitals are in code black for the first time during the pandemic. Over 1,000 patients.

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How about that FDA hasn’t approved them other than for emergency (whatever that means) use ?

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@flo What about it? The FDA is a US approval system not European. For all we know it has standard approval in Europe, I have no idea. In the US true anti-vaxxers will not care about the approval status. If it gets approved in a few weeks they will say because communist Biden made the FDA do it. They will always move the gold post. Anti-vaxxers believe there is poison in the vaccines or fetal tissue or giving millions of people long term side effects.

Some hesitant people might finally get vaccinated when it’s approved, the ones who have been thinking for months maybe they should. Not so much because the approval means something, but because they can say to their friends that now they feel ok about it and sound scientific about it.

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