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Somebody around here recently posted a provocative question with "guts" in the tags. Do you remember it?

Asked by kneesox (3589points) 1 month ago

It was within the past two weeks. I meant to come back to it, but lost track. Now I can’t remember the question, or who asked it. And I don’t know how to search on tags, but several of them were unusual.

Do you know the question I mean?

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@RedDeerGuy1, that’s exactly it. Funny, I thought of @rebbel, but I looked at his questions and didn’t spot it. Thanks!

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Here’s one way to search for questions based on tags:

To search for any existing Fluther tags, enter the tag name between the last two slashes:

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@Brian1946 I never knew that! Is it written somewhere here? I looked but didn’t find it. Thank you!

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You’re most welcome!

I don’t think it’s written anywhere in Fluther.
It’s link manipulation, which uses existing link formats to insert specific search targets.
I learned it from a user at a now defunct message board, in 2002.

Here’s an example where I use IMDb to find a list of celebrities who were born in my birth year:

1940 is the year of Martin Sheen’s birth in the following link:

Then I replace 1940 with 1946, and voila, she’s ready for clicking:

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@Brian1946 Oh, I get it! I’ve done exactly that sort of thing with software, even going back to some old games written in BASIC, where I figured out which lines of code to modify and/or duplicate to change the game. Even though I didn’t know BASIC and couldn’t have written a two-line program from scratch. I ended up with an original game where I never actually had to design the program, just cannibalize it.

But how did you know to put /topics/ in there?

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“But how did you know to put /topics/ in there?”

Tag is the informal Flutheronion word for topic. I.e., tag=topic.
When you’re forming a question, the box for entering your “tags” actually says “Topics”.
Also, if you hover your cursor over a “tag”, you’ll get a drop-down box that includes a white box that says “Add Topic”.

Props for altering the correct lines of code to customize your game. :-)

I’d like to cannibalize some lines of code for the annoying aspects my browser, but I wouldn’t know where to begin to look for the right ones.

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@Brian1946 Aha, I get that too. Super! Thank you.

With the games, I tracked my changes and tested, tested, tested, so I could always revert to the last good version if I messed up. With one game, I ended up with practically nothing of the original except the skeleton. Got a kick out of the feeling that I was getting away with something.

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If you click on the topic tag “guts” in your question, it’ll take you to the “guts” topic section.
Once you’re there, it’ll show you all TEN questions with that tag. ;-o

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