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Which two sports would you want to combine to make a new, more thrilling, Olympic sport?

Asked by rebbel (33054points) 1 month ago

Mine would be 800 meter swimming, and javelin.
The pool being in the athletics arena, around the spot where the javelins are expected to land.

What’s yours?

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Javelin and darts. Long distance target practice.

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Two Person Luge and Swimming.

I just really want them on top of each other in bathing suits.

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Fencing and gymnastics, the balance beam. Two balance beams set parallel with one competitor on each.

Judging will be on both fencing skills and beam performance.

This way, there could be no set routine. The participants would have to choose the moves to be used in reaction to the style and aggression of their opponent.

It would be pretty cool even as a choreographed performance.

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I was also thinking balance beam and fencing. Shared beam, knock ‘em off.

How about archery and relay. Pssing the baton becomes really dangerous.

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In grade school we played soccer/ baseball. It was fun. Also you didn’t need a glove

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Ping pong and javelin.

Discus and basketball.

Downhill skiing (winter olympics) and competitive diving (summer olympics)

Gymnastics and pole vault.

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Track cycling and fencing.
Air rifle and pole vaulting.
High dive and archery.
Roller speed skating and long jump.
Synchronized swimming and water polo.
Canoe slalom and rowing.

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Target shooting and any running event. The runners are at once shooters and targets.

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Biathlon mixed with ice hockey.
Shooters aim at the puck to get in the opposition net.

Dressage + Trampolining.

Bobsledding and Ski Jumping

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Pole vaulting and javelin throwing.
The javelin throwers must impale the vaulters mid jump.

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Addressing climate change and no nationalism.

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Darts and dodge ball.

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Marathon and 100 meters

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Football and boxing.

Rugby and boxing,

Water polo and boxing.

Basketball and Judo.

Handball and taekwondo.

Field hockey and wrestling.

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4-person bobsled & mogul skiing.

Thrills & spills guaranteed!

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Gymnastics and Equestrian Team Jumping. Imagine the ladies on the beam, while a horse and rider jump over it. Or floor exercise with the gymnasts tumbling and flipping over the fences, while horses and riders are also jumping over them.

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Skateboarding/high jump/diving

The boarding event ends with a high jump onto a diving board, and ends with a dive. Everyone repeats as they raise the level of the diving board until there is only two who did not wipe out on the height of the diving board. They will be the only ones getting their boarding and dives judged.

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@ragingloli “Pole vaulting and javelin throwing. The javelin throwers must impale the vaulters mid jump.”
– I was thinking the pole vaulters would be armed with javelins. They vault at each other from opposite directions, and are not allowed to throw their javelins at each other until they are off the ground.
– It would be a pinnacle of athletic achievement,, because traditionally vaulting is done with two hands on the pole, so they’d probably want to start using two hands, then perhaps switch to using one or two legs on the pole while they try to ready the javelin, and then they’d need to decide when to throw the javelin – if they impale their opponent before they throw, they may not be targeted themselves, but hitting will be harder than if they wait until they are closer.

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Shooting and soccer.

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Taekwando and gymnastics.

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Does Pommel Cat qualify?

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