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What could be wrong with our cat?

Asked by Nomore_lockout (6846points) 1 month ago

My wife just called this to my attention. One of our cats has what seems to be a hole in his throat area. Fur is gone around a circular spot, and there seems to be some blood in the area. He hasn’t acted like he feels bad, still has his usual loud meow, eats well and chases squirrels around the yard. But that just isn’t normal. We have a vet appointment for Thurs. this week, earliest we can get him in. Any ideas what this could be?

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We’d do a walk in if he seemed to be in pain, but it’s not seeming to bother him the way he acts. Still worrisome though. And my 12 yr old grand daughter will be devastated if anything happens to this critter.

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Most thing’s like that in my neighborhood are cat fights or even a wild animal attack. Best of luck to the poor thing.

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Yeah I was thinking what @KNOWITALL said. I had a cat that got a puncture wound from a fight with a raccoon. The raccoon punctured the cat’s lung and it wasn’t good.

Sometimes if you tell the vet that it’s urgent, they will make space to get you in sooner. Try calling back and telling them that it’s urgent. You don’t want the cat to get an infection from the wound.

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Yeah, sounds to me like a battle injury, probably from another cat, or one of those squirrels.

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Bug bites can cause animals to scratch fur off. Fleas bites are especially itchy.

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Seems like your cat got in a fight with something.

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I think fight also. One of my cats used to get into fights once in a while and the wound would wind up turning into an abscess and it would have to be drained and I remember my mom having to give the poor thing antibiotics. Sounds like it isn’t bothering the cat though, so hopefully it will heal well without any medication or surgery. I hope so. It’s good you are going to have the vet check it.

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Sometimes animals get what is called a hot spot; which is a localized skin infection. It could be that.

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We had a cat that got an infection near the throat and it caused a little hole, it was not a pretty sight. Antibiotics and it cleared up rapidly.

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I’m sorry to hear about your pet.

No one here can diagnose the problem he has or prescribe a treatment. Your vet will be hopefully be able to diagnose and treat him after an examination.

From what you tell us it does not appear to be too serious as he is still extremely active and he has a good appetite still.

I do wonder if he has managed to get himsel into a fight with either another cat or possibly a dog which caused his injury.

Good luck for Thursday to both you and your pet of course and I hope all is well.

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I hope the vet appointment goes well.

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It did, they gave us an antibiotic, said it should heal up fine, just keep an eye on him and put the meds on every day. So we shall see.

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He’s healing up and looking better every day! Thanks !

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