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What should an elderly person living alone in an apartment do to prevent falls?

Asked by mazingerz88 (27481points) August 11th, 2021 from iPhone

My friend’s elderly female ex-wife fell twice in her apartment and asking for tips. Thanks.

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Use a walker. Have a cellphone on her or a Medi-alert if she does fall. Take up or tack down area rugs.

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I have a balance problem. I now use a walker in my apartment. Fell, broke hip in June. Moving to assisted living 1st September. 83 here. Still doing most everything for myself. I’m looking forward to having more time for fun things like bridge. Visiting with and making new friends.

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My mom has fallen a few times due to cancer mets and we’ve had to learn the hard way on a few of these tips.

She always keeps a fully charged cell phone with her, even in the bathroom and on her nightstand.
Get rid of rugs or any clutter, especially with sharp corners.
You must put grab bars or rails by any stairs, even one or two can be dangerous.
Stand slowly and wait a few seconds before attempting to move.
Make sure a trusted neighbor, relative or close friend has an extra set of keys to the house/apartment.
Instead of standing for periods of time while making coffee, doing dishes or cooking, keep a chair close by in case you get woozy.

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When a person gets to that point they really need to be in an assisted living facility.

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@mazingerz88 And if they get up to use the restroom in the night often, you could also try to wear adult diapers to reduce the fall risk in the dark.

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Who is asking for advice? You, or the friend, or his ex-wife?

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For what it’s worth, I have a neurological disorder. My walker is especially made for people
with conditions like Parkinson’s disease. It is called a “U Step 2 Stabilizer”. I offer this info in case others have similar balance problems.

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Thanks jellies for the helpful answers. Very much appreciated.

@Pied_Pfeffer The ex-wife.

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@Dutchess_III We tried to move mom in here and it lasted about 6–8 months before she started to be bored and long for the city life. She lives in a rough part of town, loves all her neighbors and they all look out for her.
Plus her best friends go by multiple times a day, as does her duplex mate, and her coworkers. She wants to live the best quality of life for what she has left, so I respect her decision. :)

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One thing is balance practice, like gentle yoga.

Also to be very aware of their own movements and pay attention to changes of surface, trip hazards, etc. You just can’t move as carelessly as you used to. If you walk like an old lady, with cautious little steps, so what, it’s better than falling down like an old lady.

And don’t climb on things.

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Try using a walker or a cane.

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Make sure there is good lighting everywhere. Make sure any shoes she wears fit correctly, are comfortable and in good shape.

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Similar to @anniereborn‘s answer…don’t wear flip-flops! stairs, driving, pretty much anywhere. It’s so easy to trip or get them caught behind the accelerator or brakes.

Young at <3 doesn’t = young in body.

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