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Alarm system for the elderly?

Asked by Civ (12points) January 17th, 2010

I am looking for a notification system. My mother is up in age and is apt to leave her apartment even though she knows that she shouldn’t leave alone. I’m looking for a system that will remind her to to stay in her apartment, perhaps vocal, and will notify me at the same time, that her door has been opened. I live close by.

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My mother is 92 and has had Lifeline for many years. its a very good alarm system and i highly recommend them. she use to have a necklace with an alarm button around her neck. she now prefers the alarm button to be on her wrist with a button to push, if she falls.

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My grandmother has something an emergency alert system. I think it’s “LifeLine” but not 100% sure, if she presses it it notifies my uncle who lives about 5–10 minutes away and I think a second number.
As an extra she always calls him when she wakes up in the morning and before going to bed at night.
For the front door I suppose you could do a regular alarm system and have it text your cell whenever her front door is opened; we’re able to do that with our home alarm. There is a vocal alert system for that too, it would just have to be near the door to ensure she hears it.

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Lifeline doesn’t fulfill the needs of the OP guys. He wants want basically amounts to a backwards home security system.

@wonderingwhy: Wouldn’t the home system also require it to be armed for it to be effective? Or can it continue regardless of being armed or not?

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Okay, i further understand his question. i believe ADT provides this service.

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@asmonet for ours the vocal alert works whether it’s armed or not; the text notification requires it be armed, but provided it’s not being used as an actual security system the options menu allow us to turn off the actual alarm and not notify the monitoring company.

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just to clarify. my mom wonders out of her house late at night. I would like to have an alarm installed over there that would notify me the second the door is opened. Before her caretaker leaves for the day, she would set the code and I would be alerted someway at my house which is probably 2 miles away if she leaves the house at night.

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Yeah, a home alarm company should be able to take care of that. Installing it next to the entryway with a vocal alarm, having it either text or ring your cell phone when triggered, and turning off the standard alarms should do the trick. My parents neighbor had to call the monitoring company directly to have their notification turned off so that it only alerted them (the neighbors) when their system went off, the installers couldn’t do it for them, just something to keep in mind.

I’d give a call to one of the companies in your area and see what they can set up.

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Thank you all for your responses. If I need more help I shall return. Until then thank you all

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ADT does have the capability to do something like that. The question would be how they would go about doing it. We don’t have to worry about my husband wandering out of the house, but we do have to worry about his becoming unwell while I am running a necessary errand. We installed an ADT system, which comes with a remote pendant on a chain, so he can press a button when he needs help.

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ADT Companion services is very good. They are very responsive and under-go intensive training both in sensitivity and operational to deal with elderly customers and are very knowledgable about the equipment. (Yes I do work for them but I get to see the operational side first hand). check out. (companion services).

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We have LifeLine available through our local hospital.

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