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If you suddenly became a refugee, what would you take with you?

Asked by kneesox (3855points) 2 months ago

Not an evacuation for oncoming fire, flood, or wind, where you might get to go back later, but a one-way run for your life from the place you know as home.

What would you grab, what would you do?

Have you ever had to do it?

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My gratitude.

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Some photo albums of my kids when young, my iPad and any other address books, some of my best paintings (if I had time), some clothes, money and bank info. Passwords to my accounts.

I was out of my house for about 10 days after Hurricane Sandy but I didn’t take anything with me.

I was going to ask a question about having a “go bag” and this kind of relates.

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A long time ago, I worked in a battered women’s shelter, and for some of our clients, it was very much like a refugee situation. We advised them to carry as many liquefiable assets as they could carry (jewelry and such like) if it was immediate, and to try and sell stuff surreptitiously and then carry cash, or access to a secret bank account. As many decent practical clothes and footwear, and the bare minimum of paperwork that was necessary.
Nowadays, they are probably advising portable tech, too.

Obviously, this only applies to some circumstances, but we also emphasized, heavily, the need to be willing to let a lot of stuff go. If they had a car, big plus.

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My report cards from kindergarten to university. The rest of the crap I would be greatful to get rid of, and can be replaced.

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Bank information including my checkbook. I have a small notebook with my passwords, so I would take that. Phone, laptop, clothes that would be essential, like coats or other outerwear that you might not think of in the middle of August in a heat wave. Any jewelry that is expensive and that you can sell if necessary at some point.
Books that you love and can’t bare to part with, if any. Photo albums.
Be sure to change all passwords in case someone knows what they are and could wipe out your accounts. Any paper work that shows you are married, divorced or a widow. I think I remember my mom having to show this when she was collecting social security. Also your birth certificate. These are replaceable, but a big pain to get them.
Any small things of value that you may have to sell for money later on.

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My autographed first edition Gravity’s Rainbow, my cell phone and charging cable, clothing, and medicine.

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Debit card if it’s still usable, food and first aide gear for my family, usual “bug out” bag items. Depends on the situation as well. You talking warfare, or All Washed Up Apocalypse? No, I’ve never had to do it.

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Yeah like @Nomore, a bug out bag, my dogs, dog food, paperwork, my glasses, phone.
Depends on prep time really.

No I haven’t ever had to.

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@KNOWITALL And hopefully we never will.

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Everything I normally take on a camping trip.

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Mobile phone and charger
Backup external hard drive
Shaving razor
Spare shirt, underpants, trousers and socks.

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It would depend on how much time I had to get out (to pack).

Assuming I would have my SUV, I would of course first prioritize taking the pets. Important documents would be along with that. Besides that, it would depend on how much time i had. I’d try to take clothes, maybe some photos. If I had no time, I’d grab photos before clothes. Many of my photos are pre-digital era, so that explains why I don’t just rely on websites for photo recovery.

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@Nomore Just thinking about it gets my Irish up.

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@KNOWITALL Nothing a straight shot of good Irish whiskey and a four leaf clover won’t cure. : ) After all, we discovered America. Saint Brendan the Navigator and his band of monks got here 500 years before that blonde headed Viking, Leif Ericson. : ) And Top of the Mornin’ to ya. PS Forget about Columbus, that dude was a Johnny come wayyy lately.

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My 5th wheel.

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@Dutchess_III With a 5th wheel, ya’ll can Escape From New York easy peezy, with food to spare. Or even escape from Kansas ; )

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The decision of what to take would be a very hard one because when one is fleeing for their life they can only take a small amount with them.

The first thing they should take is any money they have together with anything that can realise cash. After that they can try to take small amount of their most precious mementos and memories that they can carry. Of course they would need to take some clothing with them too.

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Probably better take my kid.

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