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How do i stop my iphone from being backed up every time i sync it?

Asked by samsuths24 (2points) September 13th, 2008

It takes hours to sync when the bachup is enabled!

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Let it back up and upgrade to 2.1. It will make your back ups take under 3 minutes.

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Yep-Eambos is right…when I updated to 2.1 what used to take 90 minutes (the backup part), took 8 minutes!

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90 minutes! What the hell do you have on your phone that takes 90 minutes to back up?

My iphone never took more than 4–5 minutes to back up. Am I not using it to it’s full potential or something?

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@LightlySeared: I had 67 Apps purchased from the App Store; the mess used to be each time any app was updated iTunes wanted to perform a new backup! I got so tired of it I stopped updating any of my apps…looks like I can go back to normal operation.

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