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Moors and Christian. Are there other food dishes with not particularly PC names?

Asked by Nimis (13255points) September 13th, 2008

Was looking up a Cuban restaurant and rediscovered that old dish of black beans (Moors) and rice (Christians). I was wondering if there were other examples?

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Nimis: what do you mean??? pc names??? sorry for my ignorance. ;)

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Politically Correct?

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I guess a more interesting question would have been: Are there other cultural dishes that reflect certain historical socio-political moments?

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From the world of French pastry we have these two monuments to insensitivity:

“Tête de nègre” (Negro’s head) – A meringue ball rolled in chocolate sprinkles
“Pets de Nonne” (Nun’s farts) – Fried choux paste

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A popular chain restaurant around here used to serve what they called “Squaw Bread” until that term became a non-PC term.

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Harp: The french are endlessly entertaining.

Seesul: What kind of bread was it?

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Po’ boys (submarine sandwiches in Louisiana), and Spotted Dick.

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I have been wracking my brain for ten minutes on this and came up blank but something interesting did pop into my head.
I frequently travel to Bavaria in Germany and they widely use a wine bottle with a very long and narrow spout and the body of the bottle is almost a complete circle (other than the flat bottom). In German it is called the Bocksbeutel which translates literally as the Ram’s sack but really refers to his scrotum.

Somehow I don’t envision seeing “Ram’s scrotum” amongst the choices at The Olive Garden..


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@Nimis: The bread was served at Coco’s and still is. They just don’t call it by any particular name that I know of now. It’s a dark, sweat bread with oatmeal on the outside, very much like the dark bread at Cheesecake Factory.

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Pigs in a blanket?

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Couple of others but not particularly shocking.

In Boston and environs a dessert called Indian Pudding.

In Italian cuisine, pasta arrabiata. Arrabiata sauce is highly spiced and refers to cooking in the “Arab”” style.

Carciofi alla Giudia, artichokes cooked in the style of the Jews. A staple of Roman cooking originating in the Ghetto in Rome.

. Here is a link.


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@Strat: Only if it is “Homosapiens au jus.” (Read “The Speciality of the House,” by Stanley Ellin. It blew the sci-fi, fantasy readers out of the park in 1946.

“Stanley Ellin was born in Brooklyn, New York, and educated at Brooklyn College. He worked as a teacher, a steelworked and a dairy farmer, and served in the US Army in World War 2, before becoming a full-time writer in 1946. His first published short story, ‘The Speciality of the House’ caused an immediate sensation and won him a special Ellery Queen Award.”

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@srmorgan ‘Arrabbiata’ is Italian for ‘angry.’

The Italians refer to Arabs as ‘Arabi’ – note the single ‘r’.

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