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If you were to get married, and you played in a band, would you play on your own wedding?

Asked by klaas4 (2186points) September 13th, 2008

I was reading and thought if you would have your own band play on your wedding you would still have a live band, but it wouldn’t be that expensive. That’s where most people hold back from, because it’s expensive.

Idea or just stupid?

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I’ve known some people who have done that. But it’s usually as a special treat (rather in place of a band) want your friends (bandmates) to be celebrating with you (not working).

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I certainly wouldn’t play throughout the wedding instead of enjoying myself and making a good time for my intended.

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No, I’d rather enjoy myself and the entertainment along with my friends than play in the band or have my friends tied up by being the band. It’s a nice cost saver, but surely hanging stress free with my buddies is worth a bit of money or losing live music.

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I wouldn’t. That is a day to relax and enjoy, not work. the bride/ groom are busy and nervous enough without having to be another part of the entertainment.

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Nah, i’d ask the rest of the band if they could play with another guy doing my part, and join in on one song if i feel like it.

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I’m getting married in January and also play in a band. We’re choosing not to because we don’t want to worry about transitions and things going wrong. Plus, 2 of the band members are standing in the wedding and we think it would be tacky.

So, I guess, we just think it would be tacky :)... but, of course, no offense to anyone who has done it or will be!

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Maybe for one song, if equipment setup wasn’t going to be a big deal (i.e., if everything would already be in place).

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Take it from me: Never DJ your own wedding. As for playing, perhaps you should reflect on your priorities for that one special day of your life, where you are making a solid commitment to your SO, not being “one of the guys.”

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i’m a musician and songwriter. i also play for a band that plays for weddings and banquets. at my own wedding, i surprised my bride to be with a solo. it was a song i wrote just for the day and she was totally surprised! my band played the whole wedding ceremony as much as i wanted to get over there and play myself.

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Maybe play one song, otherwise I would wanna be dancing and drinking. There’s a reason you PAY someone to do it, it’s cause there’s more fun not doing it.

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only for my Honey, inkvisitor.

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