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In The Good the Bad and the Ugly,angel eyes shot tuco off a rope at the end did he do it so he could have great distance from him because he couldn't trust him?

Asked by dfwil145 (10points) September 13th, 2008 from iPhone

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I guess so, I can’t find any other reasons for it. Well, one reason could be that the director wanted to make the roles clearer. (The good lets him free.)
PS. comma is cool

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he did it for lulz

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He probably shot Tuco because T didn’t use periods, commas or upper case to begin sentences with.

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I’d say it’s to put Tuco in the place he wants him, and resolve the conflict between them that’s been ongoing throughout the entire film.

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Lee Van Cleef played Angel Eyes. Blondie (Clint Eastwood) shot the rope at the end of the movie. I suppose he left Tuco hanging so long just to keep him in suspense.

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I think Clintwood“s character was ambiguous about whether he wanted to save Tuco or not. By making the shot from such a distance, he left it somewhat to chance.

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Wow, I really shouldn’t answer while asleep. Ambivalent.

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