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From a new flutherer:: Folks, how do you style your text:?

Asked by XrayGirl (529points) September 13th, 2008

As I type answers to questions, I have tried to get my text styled in a whisper or strong emphasis and I don’t know how to make it work… What are the steps…I see links, but call me dumbfounded, cause I am…thanks..

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Look under the box you are typing your reply into.

For example:
<i> = *
</i> = *
Does that make sense?

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The trick it to put the styling characters up together with the text to be styled.

* bold * (without spaces)
_ italicized _ (without spaces)
strikethrough – (without spaces)
whisper—(double dash without spaces)

To send a link, put the words to be linked in quotes (”....”) then put a colon (:) immediately after the second quotation mark. Immediately after the colon, place the url.

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I see


you all are so smart

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…and if answering on a computer (as opposed to an iPhone), you can check your work below to see if you have done it correctly.

clever way to illustrate that you got it, as well

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Yes, extremely helpful

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I was actually wondering how people did that, but was too lazy to ask. Great Q!

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Wait a minute. Someone GA’d my answer and it was totally wrong!
It should have read:

<b> = *
</b> = *



(Linking is harder to explain in these terms.)

PS Can you return GA points?

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