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How many moderators do we have and should we have more?

Asked by JLeslie (61561points) 1 month ago

I wonder how the mods feel about this, but I’m interested if others have an opinion. I guess if a mod knew they could not be here a lot they would let the team know, but it seems we run with just a few and no real back up if one gets very busy and can’t be here.

I don’t want the site over-moderated, but I do appreciate that we have moderators. Also, maybe a new voice when there is a disagreement among the moderators. I don’t know how often that happens.

What is the perfect number?

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3 is the perfect number.

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To decrease the workload (and possibly, every now and then, stress) I would think that a few extra would be welcome, for the three existing mods.
It used to be important to have a few mods that were from other places on earth, to cover the time zones, but that’s hardly needed anymore (foreigners, or non-Americans can be counted on the fingers of two hands, I think).
I could step up, but you’d hate me; I’ll send everything back for spelling mistakes!

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@rebbel We do have a European mod already. Sorry! :-)

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You sure they are not Bri’ish?

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^^ Nope. Deutsche.

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Ah, yeah, now I remember.

But to be honest, me applying for the job was more for the American demographic.
I live almost with the American time zones.

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Not @rebbel ! We don’t want to hate him! Not that I hate any of the mods or any jellies. Or really anyone. except maybe that one ex-president

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No real opinion on that, other than to say I feel the existing mods do a fine job as is. And I’m happy that they don’t catch all of my typos. Stupid typos. Don’t know where they find the time to do what they do anyway.

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I think we should have at least one more mod, and they would only have to deal with spammers.

They could delete spam and temporarily ban spammers, and then refer the matter to the full-duty mods.

That way we’d be less likely to find dozens of spammer-generated new activity entries in our Activity boxes.

I think someone who lives in Asia, would be a good geographical fit to fill in some of the temporal gaps in the anti-spam umbrella.

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Calling Unit Mimishu1995!

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I love the mods! They are wonderful and keep us alive.

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@Brian1946 @Nomore_lockout didn’t expect to see my name on here :D

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Our pleasure and I look forward to seeing the results of your anti-spam hammer. ;-)

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Make the spammers an offer they can’t refuse!

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@rebbel I f you become a mod, I guess I’m doomed. I make tons of mistakes and typos and I never catch them until it’s too late to change it.

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@Nomore it’s ok. It helps people realize that this site isn’t as scary as it looks :P

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@Mimishu1995 If you take on a mod squad job, cut me a break will ya? Or give us more time to change goofs : )

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@Nomore don’t worry. I’ll just give you an offer you can’t refuse :)

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Que Godfather theme lol

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Who would be the additional mod if there was one? I draw a total blank. Lol.

The idea to have someone take care of spammers seems like a good one.

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Agreed @JLeslie Been noticing a lot spammers popping in lately. More so than in the past I would think.

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@Nomore_lockout Dont wurry, your save whit me.

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Why would we need more? If we have too many they would end up fighting amongst themselves. What good would that do??

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