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How are you going to celebrate Talk Like a Pirate Day this Friday?

Asked by cyndyh (7593points) September 13th, 2008

Storming a beach? Searching for treasure? With your mateys and yo ho ho a bottle o’ rum?

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I’m not.

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Ahhh! I always forget about talk like a pirate day until I hear about it afterwards! Thanks for the reminder! Gonna have to arrange something now..

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I am going to talk like a pirate and tell my favorite pirate joke.

A pirate walks into a bar with a steering wheel down the front of his pants.

He walks up to the bar and says “give me a beer”. The bartender says ok and gives him a beer, noticing the wheel down the front of the buccaneers trousers.

After a while the bartender can’t stand it any and says to the pirate “hey bud, do you know you have a steering wheel down the front of your pants?”

The pirate says “y’argh, I do and it’s driving me nuts!”

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I still remember when I was 7 years old, or so, and dressed up as a pirate for Halloween one year, in a costume my fantastic mother sewed for me, with her own loving hands.

I went to a house to request some candy and the nice woman there said, “You’re all alone! Where are your buccaneers?”

I told her, “They’re underneath my BUCKIN’ HAT!”

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good one

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Hahah, Bri.. that’s my favorite pirate joke, too.

I’m with damien.. I always forget about it until after it’s passed. Maybe?

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Bri, that’s my favorite pirate joke ever. I bequeath thee LURVE!!!

Cyndyh, thanks for the reminder. Aarrrgh! Where’s me eye patch…

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Have you guys seen the new pirate movie?

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Like I always do. Three guesses?

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THanks guys. It’s fun to tell!!

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Ha! Thanks for the fun folks, and you’re welcome for the reminder. If you come up with other things to do for this fun day please let me know. :^>

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Last year I spoke like a pirate so much that I had a sore throat the next day. There is just something so fun about beginning every sentence with “Yargh!” and ending every sentence with ”...Says I!”

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Argghhhh, matey, a full tot o’ rum, o’ course.

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Arrgh! I be doin wat be done last yearrrgh.

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You are on fire tonight breedmitch!

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Yarrrr, thanks for the reminder, matey!
For 3 years past, I have not heard of this fine, religious holiday until the sun has set and the day be over.
But this year, there be trouble in Davey Jones’ Locker!! YARR!!

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(@brianreed; How did you find that. I looked and wasted lots of time before admitting failure.)

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who is brianreed?

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@Bri_L:Breedmitch…too many Brians, Brian O’Sullivan, Brian Reed Mitch…

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Ah: I wasn’t sure if I was supposed to answer something. hehe.

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@gail: I searched “pirate day” and it was the last question but I could have also looked at Hossman’s profile since I remembered he asked it. I miss Hossman. :(

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Me, too. He was funny, well-informed, clear and had gravitas.

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Dan Blocker was on Fluther? Didn’t he die before the Internet existed?

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Thanks for the reminder!!! I typically try to incorporate “Pirate-speak” into all of my (appropriate) conversations and emails!!! It’s a blast!

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@ Waterbearer- your icon rules! Welcome to fluther

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It is my birthday, so hopefully with cake!

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@Ezra; Many happy returns. I will order a perfect day with the swamp maples turning red and the crickets sawing away at night. I hope that Friday is the one with no classes.

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Indeed, indeed.

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@ezraglenn: Cool! It’s my birthday, too. For me I’m sure there will be cake and a bottle to go around. And my kids are coming over with their respective sweeties. Anything other than that is gravy. Cheers!

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@ezraglen – very happy b-yarrrr-thday to you.

@ cyndyh – happy birthday to you do!!!

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Bri_L; and a dooby-dooby-do to you, too.:-)

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@ gailcalled – Why thanks Gail. hehe

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And thanks to you, Bri. :^>

Arrrr matey. If I could only get Johnny Depp to come over for my birthday. :^>

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There ya be!

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Talk like a pirate! ARGH! Yo ho ho and a bottle of rum! A pirate’s life’s for me! I may hget a fake parrot too! ^.^

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