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Have you ever found yourself in the middle of a flashmob musical performance?

Asked by kneesox (3854points) 3 weeks ago

I think they’re great fun to watch on YouTube, and I imagine it would be a real kick to have one spring up around me in an airport or a busy marketplace or on a subway car.

Have you ever been on the spot when one took place?

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Not yet, but tomorrow offers infinite possibilities…

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I was in the city centre of Rotterdam, a few years ago, when my then girlfriend and I were visiting a restaurant, where we were sitting outside, enjoying our aperitifs.
It was a fun afternoon.
Nothing happened.

The next day a massive flash mob happened at that exact location, at the same time that we had been sitting there.

That hit close to home, I can tell you….

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Yes 7 years ago during a street fair.

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A few times.
Once in a after race tent. Finishers adrenaline is still super high. The choice of song sucked.

A few times walking past Faneuil Hall marketplace in Boston. I was on my way to or from the train so I didn’t have time to party with them.

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Yes, once, at Stanford. Back when lip dubs and flash mobs were all the rage on college campuses. It was a simpler time. :)

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No unfortunately. Sometimes I think I’d love to participate, but then I see all the practices my friend’s have to go to and change my mind.

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