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Is there any relationship between climate change and the Covid pandemic?

Asked by omtatsat (636points) 3 weeks ago

Or are they two unrelated events?

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“Climate change” and “Covid pandemic” each have 13 letters.

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Some folks of a certain political bent deny the existence of both of them. I think that’s just an unfortunate coincidence though.

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They are both top news stories

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Two distinct and separate issues. For most thinking people. However, if you are of a conspiratorial mind set, I suppose there is some correlation. Covid is a plan by Bill Gates to inoculate everyone with microchips, climate change is nothing a liberal Dem talking point, with no basis in reality. And don’t forget, the Earth is flay, outer space and gravity don’t exist, and Elvis shot Kennedy from a UFO hovering over the grassy knoll. Just no end to the entertainment these people can provide.

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They are both things that wouldn’t happen the ways they have been, without modern industry spanning the planet.

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There have been a number of articles making the headlines in California about wildfire smoke making people more susceptible to COVID. So I suppose that is one possible link.

The pandemic itself likely wouldn’t have happened without environmental destruction, unless of course you believe it started as a lab leak.

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