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Why do politicians lie?

Asked by rebbel (33280points) 1 week ago

What is their (main) reason behind their lies, do you think?
The motivation they use for it (if they would reflect on it, in bed, when they think about it)?
Best would be if we had honest politicians, right?

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To get elected !

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@Tropical_Willie is correct. If they were honest about how dirty they all were no one would elect them. The only thing you can trust is their voting record from the past.

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A lot of voters are happy to also lie.

I think the main reasons is that being dishonest is usually to protect class interests and the status quo. And lies are often rhetorical attacks on ideological opponents, and anything that threatens the status quo.

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They lie because they are cowards, afraid of the truth. The truth will keep them from completing their agenda and likely cost them their jobs or elections. And in their cowardly minds the ends justifies the means.

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People like hearing lies.

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I will add that there’s another type of lying politicians do, and it’s to do with public relations management.

They speak and act unnaturally, because everything about them is carefully managed and prepared. Politicians are more like actors than anything. A small army of researchers and handlers feed politicians the information and talking points they need.

They don’t really do independent thought, except in some rare cases.

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They lie to enhance their careers,and make money.
They will say it’s for the good of the country, but in the end it’s all for their personal gain.

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Most lie or are “economical with the truth” because it is politically expedient for them to do so. The reason being that the public they represent can’t handle the truth. There are others, mentioning no names, who simply have a contempt for the truth, or don’t believe it exists, which makes them the most dangerous of all.

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It’s in their blood. For many of them, heredity.

Politicians – not 100%, but maybe 98% love power. And once in power, the love perpetuating it. And making money.

Lying (and making promises, and selling your vote) are all part of the self-perpetuation of power.

historical note: It wasn’t always like this. From 1776 to some time in around the Civil War, politicians were (more or less) idealistic and honest. That changed. Was much worse in the 1920s (Teapot Dome scandal), and has gotten steadily worse since.

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I think to keep there job after leaving there normal paying job to get into politics is a big investment not to lose.

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It’s what we want them to do. Over and over we reward lies and mistruths over honesty and thoughtfulness. Truth and honesty is a niche product. The majority demand we be lied to.

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Why is that @Smashley ??
I totally dislike it when slime ball politicians lie.

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Same reason people who cheat on their SO lie. They want what they want and the people who like or love them want to believe the lie.

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@SQUEEKY2 – human nature really. On balance, the people fall for the same things over and over. We reward puffy, coiffed, slick talkers, as being the most “Presidential”, we strongly dislike when leaders admit fault, etc.

Some people see through some of the bull, but in aggregate, there hasn’t been a society smart enough yet to not fall for the same old bullshit.

Evidence: US, Canada, Brazil, Russia, Phillipines, Italy, UK, Mexico, Hungary, India, Poland, South Africa, I’m probably missing a couple dozen..

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Got to keep those cards and letters (and cash) coming in from the doners.

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