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How would you define a badass man?

Asked by rebbel (33462points) 1 month ago


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I define “badass man” as a term some people apply when they are impressed by a man, usually by their attitude and behavior.

I don’t generally use the term myself. I think it’s essentially a slang synonym for “formidable”.

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A mean motor scooter and a bad go getter.

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Why just men? I’ve heard women, actually more often than men, described as being a “real badass.” At least as ascribed to women, it’s usually an accolade. I take it to mean assertive..

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You can play this song behind them and not laugh.

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Working on your image, @rebbel?

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Need I?

@janbb This time it was men, because I just picked up that line/question from a true crime channel that I was watching.
I thought, “hey, nice question”.
Feel free to ask the female version!

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@rebbel Fair enough. I gave the female version above though; no need to ask.

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Badass man = @rebbel.

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A badass to me is someone that can hold their own plus some.

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It’s not a term I use but I would think of it as being a man who is tough in demeanor and appearance. I’d probably refer to that type of person as a “tough guy” as in “he thinks he’s a tough guy.”

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The difference between “badass” and similar terms is that for me, it’s always sincere. If I call someone a “badass” it’s because I respect their toughness/resilience/don’t-give-a-fuck attitude and impressive accomplishments.

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Rick struck me as a major badass the first time I met him. He exuded strength and power.
He now has an obnoxiously loud truck with a lift kit to keep it going.
Bad with money tho. And making decisions. Those areas are where my badass self comes in.

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When we had the shop he was unloading a riding mower from our trailer. To my horror the mower started going over backwards on him! What I’ll never forget is the look of sheer annoyance on his face. He was annoyed but not the least bit scared. He knew he could hold the machine off of him until he got himself out of that fix.
He managed to wrestle the stupid thing back down so it didn’t go over after all.

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He’s a man who smokes badass weed.

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A badass is someone who stands up for what is right even if it’s to their detriment, especially when nobody is looking. Ego was cast aside long ago, it’s a liability. You are not going to put up a front and fake anything around this person, they will sniff it out instantly. They don’t shoot from the hip, they take the time to assess the situation. They’re no longer afraid to die as it is an inevitability. They’re willing to let go of everything they care about and love as those are weaknesses that can be exploited. When they don’t have to give those things up, they cherish them. They’ll love a person for who they are and not what they are. They forgive, a lot. They admit it when they’re wrong and work to understand things better despite the inconveniences doing so may cause. You won’t know it with a cursory glance but they are unimaginably self-reliant. Adversity is an opportunity to level up for these people.

Status and achievements mean little without these qualities.

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Here is a funny example of the term being used.

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