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How do you know if a guy likes you?

Asked by monkeygirl (49points) July 6th, 2009

he gives looks,gives smiles

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He walks up to you and says, “I like you.”

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Looks and smiles is a start. If he really likes you, he’ll ask to hang out with you. He may be shy though. If you are interested, why not ask him out? The worst he can say is “no”.

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He will find a reason to talk to you or just be near you. Even if it means leaving his friends. That is if he is a shy person. If he isn’t then he will just tell you he likes you.

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Well when ever you look at him and see him smile back and blush is a sign..ask him out or if your having a hard time then i would create a fake fight with your friend and then freak out and walk away and then yor friend would go up to your crush and be like this ’‘god i cannot stand her,do you realy like her?’‘then she’d tell you what he said when he’s gone. It worked for me :)

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Does he beat his chest and roar menacingly whenever you look at him?

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is he interested in you or himself, or others around him? answer that and you’ll answer the rest.

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If he acts like an insane idiot, he likes you.

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He tells you so or he asks you out.

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wow nice respones peopel

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First, Welcome to Fluther!
He will smile a lot at you or around you. He will freshen up at school so you don’t find him gross. He will mess with you, and be friendly. He will try to make you laugh and find any excuse to be around you. If you like him, ask him so you don’t waste you’re time over him. If you REALLY like him, become good friends with him first and let him see the real you. If he still doesn’t find interest in you, find someone else. Always remember, there are plenty of fish in the sea. (: Hope this helps!

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