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How do I get help for my itchy ears?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (19626points) 1 month ago

Do I tell my doctor next time I see her? Or can an ear Doctor help?

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GP is the place to start. They can refer you if you need more testing or the problem is out of their scope.

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It depends upon what makes them feel itchy. Personally, I use a Q-Tip after a shower or bath. That stops the itching. However, this is not recommended. It is probably best to check with your doctor.

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An interesting question because I have just had to make an appointment to have my itchy ears investigated by my surgery.

I was informed after investigation that in one ear I had developed eczema and in the other bits of skin had blocked my inner ear which caused the itching. Of course a wax blockage can also cause itching and partial hearing loss.

In my case the ear I had eczema in was clear of wax but my other with the skin had to be syringed to remove the skin. Once done I could hear in that ear normally, however I am profoundly deaf in the other.

The nurse who syringed my ear suggested I insert 3 drops of extra virgin olive oil in my itchy ear which will help it to remain moist and hopefully stop the itching. These drops can be purchased in a pharmacy.

May I suggest you have your ears checked for wax and/or eczema and syringed if necessary.

If after investigating your problem persist you should make sure your doctor investigates the reason for the problem thoroughly.

I know the itchiness in your ears like mine is probably driving you mad, but whatever you do please don’t be tempted to put sharp implements in your ears to try to stop the itching.

Good luck

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My partner used olive oil drops for almost a year and did nothing to help. With that said, it must work for some, as otherwise doctors would not recommend it.

Whatever you do, DO NOT USE EAR CANDLES. They are a farce. This comes from quality ear doctors via me.

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Do you have a dairy intolerance?

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