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Would this be considered cheating in a relationship?

Asked by Sam4One (140points) 1 month ago


This question is inspired from a movie.

In a distant future where VR gaming is so progressed that we can control our chosen avatars and we live in their world. VR would feel just like real world and it would be hard to tell which world is real and which is fake. The avatars look just like humans.

We have two strangers a female (F) and a male (M) (in 40’s). Both are happily married to their respective partners. (Their avatars age is in 20’s)

So one day they play a fighting game together (multiplayer random player selection), but in the middle of fighting, they end up kissing each other, and probably slept together.
And since that day, they keep doing this online, instead of playing the game by rules.

So, would this be considered cheating on their partners? I mean they are by no means getting physical with their real bodies and it’s all just online.


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It all depends on what their vows were when they got married. Things like that should be clarified before hand. First time could be a honest mistake and should be followed up with new rules.
Second time is bad.

Did they have an animated children?

In the (SCA) Sociality of Creative Anachronism one can have a pretend spouse even if in the real world they are married.

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It depends who you asked. The “cheater” probably doesn’t consider it cheating nor does the law but the partner might not be too happy about it. For it not to be cheating it shouldn’t be kept secret from the partner. There was an episode of “Black Mirror” that used this scenario in a storyline. Striking Vipers

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Taking a significant amount of time away from your spouse and family is cheating them of time with you. Especially if that time is spent in fantasy role playing with someone else.

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Yes. It crossed a line when it continued.

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I agree with Chyna in that working out relationship problems should not include others such as an avatar .
The relationship loses its bond somewhat by including others in on what should be privately discuseed with your loving partner.
P.S. Not unless your partner is an avatar on it too and discussing your relationship together.

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I don’t think it is cheating, just an elaborate form of mutual masturbation.

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I’ve got news for you: if you consider VR cheating, then you are well behind the times.

As a female, I have no idea why some men desire to cheat on a partner in which they have committed to a one-on-one relationship. To be fair, I know a few women who have done so as well.

The thing about VR is that it can be safe. The other person has no idea who you really are. You can describe your desires. You can “serve” yourself. It’s as simple as that.

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Yes. If you would do it in one way, you would do it in another, presumably.

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Thanks guys for the replies…

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