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Has Elon Musk "lost his marbles"?

Asked by omtatsat (1229points) 1 month ago

This tunnel plan of his is just so off track!

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One minute “We’re going to Mars and live there” then suddenly let’s riddled the Earth with car tunnels. Both ideas are idiotic.

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All innovators are thought to be a little mad.

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@KNOWITALL “All”? How about the electric light, the computer, the transistor, bronze, steel, printing press, paper currency, on and on.

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And who pays for all this. Musk? No. The taxpayer right.

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@gondwanalon George Bernard Shaw famously wrote, “All great truths begin as blasphemies.”

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@gondwanalon….until they produce a working model they are often considered eccentric.

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@KNOWITALL He’s not an innovator. He’s a complete charlatan.

Musk’s stupid tunnels aren’t viable transport solutions. They’re gimmicks he promotes to dumb politicians who then throw money at him.

Of course, it is very convenient that these tunnels only accomodate electric autonomous cars, like the ones produced by the company he owns.

Do you know what else you can put in tunnels that have far far far higher volume and capacity than cars? TRAINS

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“Hrmm, E-Trains, Elon was thinking out loud…”

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Sounds like an interesting idea.
At least he’s got an imagination. Something that seems to be generally in short supply these days.

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@rebbel I know, maybe have power lines running along the track so that the train doesn’t have to carry batteries! And a train is like a massive car that can transport many times more people at once. Just wait till they hear about my big idea.

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Sounds great on paper until one realizes the dangers of people travelling underground.
Earthquakes anywhwre one the line would trap everyone in it.(floods,fire,accidents)

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They call it Elon Musk’s Boring Company. Boring is an understatement!

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The idea is impractical but no crazier than laying long strips of tarmac all over the country. It doesn’t make sense for private vehicles but Maglev trains that can travel at 400 miles per hour could get from downtown Los Angeles to Manhattan in about six hours, ideal for a sleeper service.

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