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Are you on Instagram?

Asked by jca2 (12453points) 1 month ago

I don’t go to Instagram too often, but when I do, I really enjoy looking at the photos in my feed. It’s almost like looking at magazines, to me. I follow a lot of home decor sites and craft sites. Friends’ stuff doesn’t come into my feed as much as other stuff.

Are you on Instagram? Do you enjoy it or do you rarely go there?

I think one thing I like more about FB is that to me, I use it to communicate with friends more, via comments and pm.

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Yes, I am on Instagram. I don’t post much, but I do every now and then, mostly when I’m on vacation somewhere. I use it mainly to watch friends’ stories or see their photos, but I do follow some travel accounts to look at professional photos of beautiful places. It’s the main form of social media I use now. I deleted Facebook and don’t use Snapchat anymore.

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I signed up once, so I suppose I am counted as a user, but I log in maybe every 18 months or so.

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I’ll have to check it out.

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I’ve never used it.

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Not on Instagram, not on Facebook, not on Twitter….none of it. I had a Facebook acct for about 3 months when they first started and realized how silly it was. I canceled my account and have never missed it.

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One social account is enough time away from all my other interests.

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I’m on there. Follow about five artists I like. Have posted nothing myself, ever. I log on maybe once a year.

I have a very low interest in social media, despite having done social media marketing for a living once. I even teach a class on it.

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I don’t have an account. It seems like one more thing…

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Me and my cat are both on it.
I use it to post photos (not so frequently anymore), as does my cat.
I also use it to share photos and memes from other people (more often).
And I use it to communicate with a couple of friends (most of which I only know from there).
In case anyone is interested to see photos made by an upcoming (yet reasonably old already) photography talent ~ (or cuteness overload pics of a ginger Maine Coone-ish cuddle cat); PM me and I’ll send you details.

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Yes, don’t post much, mostly for friends that post pictures and while they are in FB jail. ;>0)

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I’m pretty sure Instagram is what my version of hell looks like. I avoid it at all costs. It’s like everything I hate about social media, condensed and mainlined.

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No, but I can look into it when I get some time.

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Nope. I don’t “do” any social media. I spend hours, every week, chatting with loved ones by telephone.

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No. I only visit Instagram or Twitter when someone strongly recommends a link there, and I have never had an account on either.

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Yes. My instagram is @ispillstuff
But I haven’t really spilled anything in awhile.

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Yes, though I haven’t posted since 2014. And probably check it once or twice a month.

I also use Instagram to DM younger people, who tend to use Instagram more than Facebook. Apparently, Facebook is for older people. :P

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Yep, mostly pics or funny memes. I follow mostly fashion and celebs there. @plemmy10

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I have an Instagram account and used to use it to edit and improve photos that I then post to Facebook. I stopped doing that months ago after I got a new iPhone with better photo editing features. I checked out other Instagram pages probably only ten times in three years, maybe less. I don’t do Twitter either. I wish I can quit FB too but still powerless to do so. lol

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Funny video: “White Woman’s Instagram”

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You mean do I do Instagram? Sometimes when I am feeling really low!

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