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Is there really no healthy breakfast option for someone who loves bacon, eggs and sausages?

Asked by mazingerz88 (26768points) 4 weeks ago from iPhone

If there is, kindly share these options. And routines that could work to eat healthier in the morning.

Every morning upon waking up rushing to go to work I lack the appetite to eat anything and once I’m ready to eat, it’s always the usual that interests me. Eggs, bacon, sausages, toast, pancakes and coffee.

For years I’ve tried switching to healthier cereals and oatmeal on and off with each attempt lasting only a few days.

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Eggs are healthy. Just scrap the processed meats and carbs. Try eating your eggs with spinach or other veggies. If you really want toast, drop your eggs onto a piece of “healthy” toast, like Ezekiel.

Wait – re-reading, and it appears that you don’t eat breakfast because you only like eggs, etc and it takes time before you’re hungry. Try plain Greek yogurt with sliced/slivered almonds and some fresh berries (and maybe some “healthy” cereal.).

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It depends on what your specific needs are, but not every meal needs to be balanced – you can balance out what you eat with your other meals and exercise, as long as you don’t over-do it.

Adding a vegetable hash to limited amounts of meat can be really tasty and not unhealthy for many people.

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You can get turkey bacon (although it is high in sodium). And you can get healthy sausages, expecially chicken apple sausages.

Eggs are good, and I like Dave’s Killer Bread 21 Grains, or Dave’s Raisin the Roof Raisin Bread, both make great toast.

Eat toast made from whole grain breads rather than the pancakes.

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Replace the sausage and bacon with a handful of nuts (walnuts, pecan, almonds).
Maybe put them in (Greek) yoghurt, with a teaspoon of honey.
Veggie smoothie is always good, and handy (spinach, kale, or broccoli).
Add (half a) banana, and some chia seeds (tea spoon).

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a healthier option would be focusing on having a healthy Oatmeal or just fruit for breakfast.
Habits are hard to break, but over time you can replace those especially when rewarded with good results.
Good luck

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Cut out the pancakes and you have a perfectly good and healthy meal as it is. Certainly better than cereals or oatmeal, which aren’t that healthy.

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Oatmeal. I eat it every day.
I love bacon, sausage and eggs that are fried in lots of bacon grease. But limit that to once a week.

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“Every morning upon waking up rushing to go to work I lack the appetite to eat anything ..”
Maybe DON’T eat until lunchtime is your solution?

I stopped eating breakfast other than just a coffee and I eat at lunchtime instead.

Sometimes a fried egg sandwich, or just a bowl of mixed fruit or other sandwich ( meat).

I eat earlier supper now as I learned to eat within a ten hour period and nothing the rest of the time.

My best routine is coffee in the morning ( sometimes two).

Lunch ,if hungry a fried egg toasted ( both sides) sandwich.

I eat supper usually around 3 pm or 4pm not later than 5pm .
( stopping earlier lets your body better digest your food well before you are ready to sleep and it aides in a better well rounded sleep too.

Nothing except water or juice hours before retiring to bed.

Lost weight in the process and feel energetic all day.

Just got my body into that routine that works great for me.

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Nothing wrong with eggs.
I would never eat meat cured with sodium nitrate.

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Bacon AND sausage sounds like over kill to me. But I don’t eat breakfast until afternoon. Today I had 1 egg cooked hard and crispy bacon which I crumbled up in the egg. 1 piece of toast and orange juice.

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Bacon, eggs over easy, and sausage please. Black coffee by. I don’t care, I’m gonna die anyway.

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Oatmeal is healthy as long as its not dressed up with tons of sugar. Eggs are also. You can have your bacon too just not very much of it. Like half a strip. I’ll cook half a strip of bacon and cut it up into small bits and mix it with my eggs. Typical breakfast for me is two or three cups of black coffee though. The best breakfast is no breakfast at all.

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I put a healthy dose of brown sugar, butter and half n half cream in my oatmeal. Sometimes I use maple syrup instead of sugar.

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I use a little maple syrup in my oatmeal also. Is it healthier if it comes from the trees in my yard? I like to think so.

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Go for Muesli. It will put hairs on your chest.

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I had a nice bowl of steel cut Oatmeal this morning in honor of this question. Added a touch of peanut butter, golden raisins and cinnamon.

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Enjoy yourself. Today I heard or read the new way of cooking bacon is chicken-frying it…..battering and deep frying. Do you think it was a joke? I wasn’t sure.

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People will do any thing to consume calories that they don’t need.

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