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Do you have a feeling that the world's weather is going a bit crazy?

Asked by omtatsat (1232points) November 3rd, 2021

Or is it just my imagination?

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No. Its not my imagination. And yes. The weather is going crazy. And it’s my imagination.

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Welcome to Climate Change.

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Yes I do, and yes it is.

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Yes it’s happening.

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Who needs to have a feeling? Climate change is a fact.

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The only feeling of mine that matters is how I felt during late-October days with 80+F temperatures.

Climate change is a fact, not a feeling.

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Here in So Cal, we’ve been having occasional 100+ยบ F temperatures in October since 1980.

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@janbb Yes. Forget about feelings. Just believe what they tell you.

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Yep. Look at the data. It is easy to see things are happening over .
People can put their heads in the sand and deny it but they will be the ones drowning in the imaginary water..

The smart money, and talent, will recognize and understand the data, make adjustments, and likely end up benefiting.

I figure it is a Darwinian solution.

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@LuckyGuy Unfortunately, many poor people will drown or burn whether they are smart or not!

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The OP has left the building.

Response moderated (Flame-Bait)
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Don’t like us no mo’?

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