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What is Games Workshop doing?

Asked by Hobbes (7368points) September 14th, 2008

I used to play “Warhammer” and “Warhammer 40000”, but stopped for the same reason that many players stop – it was too expensive and not enough fun. The game rules are overly complex and the game is simply not a huge amount of fun to play. The miniatures are obscenely expensive, taking a sizable chunk out one’s income. The main draws is the captivating and well-realized setting and the fun of modeling and painting the miniatures.

So, you would think that, as players are leaving the hobby in droves for the same reasons, GW would lower their prices and streamline their rules. But instead, they are raising prices even higher. Not only that, but they’re coming out with new editions of the game every time you turn around, and they just recently got rid of the feature on their website which allows you to buy individual “bitz” of models, essentially cutting off the modeling community.

Are they run by morons? Or do they actually want to shoot themselves in the foot by alienating gamers?

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I’d say they’re run by morons. The company seems to think that their customers will stay forever, even when they jack up the prices. It seems like many game companys are doing this and leaving their customers in the dust.

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Agreed, as a young nerd I was often capitvated by the game – it looked terribly cool! But once you look at actually learning the game, investing in the manuals/figures/sets, and then requiring a space and multiple players to play it’s kind of an incredibly arcane hobby to take up.

And this was BEFORE Diablo and Warcraft II, so it’s pretty much no contest at this point I’d imagine…

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I played a Warhammer RTS and thought it was really cool and fun. This was also the first time i had heard of Warhammer, i then saw a GW in my mall so i went in to check it out, and i couldnt agree more. WAYYYYYYYY over priced and way to complicated. The models do look really cool, and id collect them just for that fact alone without even playing the game, but they are just too damn expensive. And to answer your question, yes i think they are run by a bunch of morons.

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I stopped playing when they updated Space Hulk. They took one of their greatest games and screwed it over completely. The models were better though sigh

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Why put effort into what’s already a faltering market (tabletop strategy games) when you could just take the franchises you own and make tons by converting them into digital media? There isn’t any point in them trying to keep their miniature collecting base loyal and in tact when they can release a single game and make millions. That’s not to say I’m not disappointed by that, but that’s the business.

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I’d say they’re being lame, probably in multiple ways. I’ve always liked some things about GW products, but mostly not all. The models are fun to see and play with, but always seemed rather expensive.

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Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning!

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