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Can anyone recommend a fast and reliable web hosting service?

Asked by mikey7183 (338points) September 14th, 2008

I have GoDaddy now and my website is usually so slow, I need to switch to another host asap

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What do you need to host on it? High traffic? What’s your budget? Are you only looking for shared hosting or do you like getting your hands dirty with some sys-admin?

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I was gonna suggest hostgator as well. I host a buddies site on it and I also use godaddy’s wonderful * cough * terrible * cough * service and will be switching to hg asap. They give you shell access… That was enough for me.

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And if you get tens of thousands of hits all of a sudden, they wont’ shut your site down (if you exceed your bandwidth quota). Instead they’ll email you, and also keep the site up and charge you something like 50 cents per Gigabyte. Also the site is SO MUCH better than Godaddy (not to hate on GoDaddy or anything) but I personally find the Godaddy UserInterface…how do I put it….the SUXSORS!

btw what is your site?

if it’s a blog site thingy, just go with

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not try or
these are for budget hosting…
if you have lots of cash: try my friend hosts his sites there. really fast.

FYI, i am host webhosting buzz. if i found out about dreamhost, i would have signed up to them.

also, slicehost has had really good reviews.

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I’ve heard a lot of good things about Slicehost as well. No experience though.

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Yea i can help you

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