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Have you ever done something totally innocent and proper, then were accused of some serious wrongdoing, because of it?

Asked by JackAdams (6497points) September 14th, 2008

I probably didn’t do a very good job of wording that question, so please let me explain by my own example, precisely what I mean.

My buddy’s wife telephoned me with a request, and I agreed to assist her with what she wanted done, while her husband (one of my best friends) was at work (it was my day off).

I picked her up at her place, and took her to a large shopping mall in Tucson, Arizona, where I was living at that time.

As we were walking out of that store with a bunch of packages, her husband (my best buddy) saw us and approached us, certain that the two of us were having some sort of “affair,” behind his back. He was very loud and accusatory, and he got even more agitated, when his wife started to giggle.

His wife then said to him, in front of all of the other shoppers, ”You have forgotten that NEXT WEEK is YOUR BIRTHDAY, and all of these packages contain PRESENTS that we have bought, JUST FOR YOU!”

He loudly apologized to us (and all of the other shoppers) who applauded as he made a hasty exit from that mall.

He spent the next three years apologizing to me and his wife. (They’re still married, too!)

So, have you ever had something like that happen to you, where things really looked bad on the surface, but later on turned out to be a gigantic misunderstanding?

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My totally innocent action was answering the phone.

This happened a couple of days ago at my work. I answered as usual, giving my first name. The guy on the other end said he was looking for (so-and-so), someone who had my job a few years before me and who also happens to share my first name.

I replied that this wasn’t me, but his tone immediately became aggressive, and he announced that he was with such-and-such a law firm and he had been hired to collect some debt. Again I told him that I wasn’t his guy, but he just got more insistant and, after bullying me around a bit more, told me that if I didn’t deal with him, he’d have my telephone service cut off. I told him he’d have to take that up with the University who owned the phone line. [stunned silence]

“So the University owns the line now?”

“Always has”

OK, thanks


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Actually, something ALMOST EXACTLY LIKE THAT happened to me. My boyfriend mentioned that he wanted a certain brand of scotch for his birthday. He knew I was underage. When he heard me talking with a male friend over the telephone about our “plans” for saturday, he got very very upset. He was so agitated that I finally told him the whole thing, ruining the surprise, but saving his sanity I think (and probably our relationship!)

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This didn’t happen to me, personally, but it did to someone whom I knew, from my workplace:

He wanted to surprise his wife, so he contacted a modeling agency and described exactly what his wife looked like, and the modeling agency sent over a girl who probably could have been his wife’s twin sister.

That weekend, the two of them went to a shopping mall in a nearby community, and the model, who resembled the guy’s wife, tried on all kinds of outfits, to show the man what his wife might look like, wearing them.

Well, as you can guess, someone who was a friend of the guy’s wife, spotted him with the model, and of course, told his wife what she had seen at the mall.

Fortunately, the wife was mature enough not to say anything at all to her husband, and chose instead to believe that maybe something was going on that she couldn’t figure out. So, she decided to give it a few weeks, to see what happened.

Some weeks later, her husband surprised her with some Valentine’s Day presents, and they were perfect-fitting clothes.

Astounded how he got all of her sizes correct, she asked him about that, and he said, “I contacted a professional modeling agency, and they sent me a girl who looked very much like you, and I took her shopping with me, so she could try these things on, and I would see how you might look in them. Happy Valentine’s Day, Honey. I love you!”

She hugged him so hard, she damn-near broke his neck!

Don’t ya just love happy endings?

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I’m having all drama with my best friend (the kind of drama of ‘does he/she like me for me or more than a friend? I don’t knoooow!’ **sob**). I know we drive each other nuts with this cos we’re two nitwits that can’t come clean of our feelings… I think we like this torturous game cos there’s nothign exciting going on…

If I give my friend a hug or a kiss on the forehead (or both), he can’t figure out if it’s a sexual come on or not, and accuse me of trying to seduce him (ha!). Sometimes it is! **evil laughter**

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I have a twin sister and she did something at a store and got kicked out. I never knew so I walked into the store and make a long story short the mall cops were called.

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