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Can you help me understand this question?

Asked by John2589 (8points) 1 week ago from iPhone

I do not understand this question.
In the book American war by Omar explain how the images support your understanding of theme or character?

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Without seeing the images or reading the text to learn about theme and character, it’s impossible to answer this question.

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We need a little more details.

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“The images” most likely refers to the pictorial descriptions in the book: for example, a description of a battlefield, or details of an injured soldier, or a peaceful countryside with a fire in the middle of it.

Suggestion: first consider a theme or character in the book. Then think of images that support that idea. For example, is one theme something about sticking together and having each other’s back? So is there a buddy scene where someone performs a kind and caring act?

Is there a character who’s homesick? If so, is there a description of an object he holds dear?

I don’t know the book. I’m just making these up to suggest how you might understand and answer the question.

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The book is science fiction !

It is about second civil war in in the future in the USA because climate change.

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I think the interpretation of the question would be the same no matter what type of novel it is. (The question has to be about a work of fiction.) The OP is asking about the question itself, not about the answer.

@Tropical_Willie, is the book any good?

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@Jeruba I haven’t read it, but read some good reviews.

Maybe my next book.

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