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What Idea can you propose to change the world of gifts wrapping?

Asked by Pamelprime (4points) 1 week ago
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@Pamelprime The pretty gift bags of all sizes, colors and decorations did it gor me! Welcome
to Fluther!

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I like it the way it is. I buy that huge roll of brown craft paper from Office Depot and use it for 100 things, including wrapping gifts. We write on the outside of the gift any well wishes and who it belongs to. Bright neon curly ribbons make it pretty.

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Gift wrapping is one of the largest wastes of paper, resources, ink, and energy known to mankind. The best way to imporve it would be to abandon the whole concept.

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Compostable wrapping paper, with compostable ink.

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Reusable, pretty cloth bags. My friend gave us gifts wrapped that way once.

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@elbanditoroso I think that honor goes to newspapers, read once and then throw away.

My answer is money sent by Paypal, Skrill or directly transferred from my account to theirs. I rarely give physical gifts.

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Keep your empty Amazon boxes, and use those!

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Make Christmas about family amd fraternity instead of buying shit?

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While I wish we could abandon gift wrapping all together, I don’t think most people (especially children) would easily be willing to abandon that thrill of unwrapping a gift. Like @RocketGuy said, the reusable, pretty cloth bags are a great idea. Reusable things are the way to go. Last year, I painted a wooden jewelry box and put something inside of that, but everything else wasn’t wrapped at all. As long as you know people will use it, so it doesn’t just sit collecting dust, then put it in something reusable. If not, maybe we can think think of new, creative ways to present gifts, so people still get that excited anticipation.

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Social acceptability of re-usable gift boxes and gift bags. Or placing gifts in a dark room or having people close their eyes and then open them to see the gift, etc.

Especially if we can do that without bumming the people who enjoy wrapping a present.

So that implies reduced competitiveness, jealousy. and shame – also a nice gift for everyone.

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I get the big, holiday-themed shopping bags that are at TJ Maxx, Home Goods, Marshalls, for about a dollar or two each, and use those. They’re re-usable, cost less than a paper gift bag and they’re very strong and durable, and large.

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I propose that free giftwrapping services should be offered to the public, again! I remember back in the 1990’s when this was popular on such stores as J.C. Penny’s and Sears. In fact, a lot of people bought more items because of this! Just think if this were offered year round and online more!!!
How exciting!!! Nothing compares to the smiles on people’s faces when wonderful gifts are professionally wrapped and sent/given to loved ones.

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I just use gift bags and tissue paper. Yes it’s wasteful and annoys me.
Using newspaper is efficient but not cute.

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I was given a quilt as a gift for my first wedding. The maker/giver wrapped it in a tablecloth and tied it with ribbon.

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@RocketGuy My favourite way too, been doing that for a long time and am very happy with it!!

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