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How do you pronounce and spell the rank of Lt. ?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (24506points) 2 weeks ago

Leuf or left? Or another way? Also what is the correct spelling and pronunciation?

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As a resident of the U.S., I say this Loo-ten-ant.

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We always pronounced it Lew-ten-ant. I have heard more familiarized addresses for a Lieutenant: LT, Louie, and Lou are some. On the Sub they were “Mister” and “Sir”.

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In Britain, Left-tenant

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I don’t say “leftenant”, but I’m amused and charmed by that bizarre and etymologically opaque pronunciation. Far more interesting than the American pronunciation. :)

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Leftenant over here. Lootenant only in the movies.

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I think leftenant is use in the UK

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Forrest Gump, pronounced it perfectly.
Loo-ten-ant Dan.
He even says it slower, in different scenes.

I have heard people in British war movies, saying “leff-ten-ant.”

I have no idea, if that’s even related, but it seems to be.

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Like everyone else here. Lieutenant would be pronounced Loo, (liike the english bathroom, or lou, then ten, ent. Because it sounds like the lower sound of a. Not like ant. So it would be lou, ten, ent.

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Lou = U.S.
Leff = U.K.

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Lieutenant would be pronounced Loo

Like “lieu”.

Merriam-Webster – lieu – noun

: place, stead
in lieu
: instead
in lieu of
: in the place of : instead of

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@Love_my_doggie The English invented English. How come I can’t understand the people who originally created/used the language?
I used to think it was just that America had fallen far from the tree, but after a while I think British, is a different language than American English.

Both are Latin derived.

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Lef-tenant. One explanation ts that it comes from an Old French form of ‘lieu’ which was ‘luef’.

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