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In theory, how would white Americans protest if they have the same grievances as the BLM?

Asked by mazingerz88 (26847points) 1 month ago from iPhone

Specifically and in theory, black cops are shooting too many white men unjustly. Would they protest by marching? If they did would there be no property destruction and looting?

How would white Americans go about fixing the problem they perceive to exist?

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Well, we saw some of that on January 6th. They showed an impressive amount of maturity and restraint. ~

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The same thing is going to happen. You’ll have protesters and opportunists there to take advantage.

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You mean, what if white Americans had been slaves instead, had hundreds of years of system racism and intergenerational wealth and power discrepancies, lived in fear of the police state, were victims of a racist prison industrial complex, lived under brutal race/class inquality, and continued to have talks with their kids about how to survive getting murdered by the police?

And through all of these preconditions, would white Americans then take to the streets in frustration because they have no other avenues to express of file their grievances?

Is this what you’re asking? Really?

@mazingerz88: “How would white Americans go about fixing the problem they perceive to exist?”

The riot is an predictable phenomenon that occurs under very real conditions, like we have seen. The riot is not to be condemned as “property destruction and looting” in these scenarios. Rather, the conditions that cause the riot should be addressed. Moralizing about how black people express their despair and rage – whether you’re agreeing with their grievance or not – is not helpful. There is no “right way” for the powerless to express rage and frustration at hundreds of years of violent injustice. So stop pretending that we need to address “property destruction and looting” in the same conversation as racial injustice. We can’t and shouldn’t.

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The same way BLM protesters do it. There are plenty of uncivil white folk to carry it out.

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Do you mean if things suddenly turned around, as of now?
Black children have had “the talk” about how to behave when confronted by police.
White children haven’t, so they feel entitled, and would be outraged. You’d have a bunch of Karens pushing back.

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There are tons of criticism and serious incessant focus from the right on the looting and property destruction that happen during BLM protests.

They see it as society breaking down. The looting and riots during protests not the cause of the protests.

So I’m curious, what if there is a White Lives Matter movement. How would their marches look like? Would there be no riots, looting and property destruction? Would there even be marches at all?

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^ But this isn’t the “gotcha” that you think it is. Giving any validity to the “looting and property destruction” framework is reactionary and can only serve racist agendas. Try focusing on the conditions which brought about these expressions of anger, frustration, and hopelessness. Once you’ve abandoned these topics in favor of judging the response, then you are engaging in the same exercise as the most right-wing conservatives.

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They would start a civil war and declare independence.

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@filmfann If white children haven’t had “the talk,” how could they know they that they were “entitled?” (A lot of people must assume this…)

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Or you can do what I did and move to another city. That would be less violent. I would consider running for office or supporting someone whom I believe in.

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