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Please help me find out the name of these chocolate swirls?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (19606points) 1 week ago

They are like Hershey’s kisses but unwrapped and in a handful in a box

They are all one type of chocolate, and not bon bons.

You can get in them in boxes and from the bulk bin of a store in that you can buy by the scoop.

They are swirled chocolate. They come in different types like macaroons and mints. They don’t have coconut and taste like wax

I used to buy them from department stores like Zellers when I was a kid.

I would like to buy some.

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I think that they are called rosettes Milk chocolate.

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Yes. Just not dark chocolate. I prefer Milk chocolate.

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It says. milk chocolate. There is a dark chocolate one though.

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@snowberry Thanks. I just needed the name. For now my memory problems irk me. Will order in person or before Christmas.

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