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Should I still get my Pfizer booster on Thursday?

Asked by product (4275points) November 28th, 2021

With Omicron’s arrival, does it sound like the current Pfizer booster will be effective in any way? Pfizer and Moderna are reportedly working on a new booster because of this. I’m wondering if getting the standard booster this week might end up just delaying my future eligibility for a better booster in the near future.

Is it possible I’ll regret getting a booster that may be completely ineffective against the current variant?

Sorry for the stupid question. I’m tired.

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It’s not a stupid question. The truth is we don’t yet know the answers. If it were me, I would still get the booster. I got my booster not too long ago.

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The other variants are still in play, so you definitely should get the booster.
Its effectiveness against Omikron is yet to be seen, and should it turn out to be ineffective, you will just have to wait, and then get, the updated vaccines.

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I agree with both of them. Get the protection that is offered for now and we’ll see what happens down the pike.

This is a very dispiriting time!

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This is not a stupid question at all. I haven’t heard if the booster we have now is at least a little bit effective against the new variant, but as others have said above, the old variants are still out there. I would go ahead and get this booster especially if you are in any way immune compromised.

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Yes, please do. I have been seeing on the news this morning that the earliest tests (which they also say are nowhere near conclusive, but look promising) indicate that there may be some protection. Personally, I would rather have some possible protection than wait for an Omicron specific booster.

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I just heard on CNN that they are doing some testing and may know in about a week if the current vaccines and boosters are effective against the new variant. If you want to, you could wait a week or two and see if there are results. But I think I’d be inclined to get a booster in any case because it would be a while til they develop a new one. And Delta is still the most prevalent one currently.

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Get the booster. Got mine yesterday.

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I booked my booster before I knew about Omicron, but I expect variant specific vaccines and boosters are months away anyway.

I guess it’s endless boosters for life the way this is going.

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Thanks all. I think I agree with the consensus.

- We don’t have much data on omicron, so we are not really sure how effective current vaccines/boosters are against it.
– It would be a minimum of months before a omicron-targeted booster would be available.
– There are other variants that the current vaccines/boosters help with.

I’m keeping my booster appointment for Thursday.

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Yeah, man, boost!
I know I would (and will, once it’s my age brackett’s turn).
FWIW This gotta be the most interesting, and valuable stupid question I’ve come across.

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^^What @rebbel said^^

It may be too soon to know in detail how effective current vaccines are against Omicron. But it seems likely that Moderna, Pfizer, and J&J formulas will offer at least some protection, and may reduce severity for anyone who does become infected.

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The bad guys are firing at me from their boat just offshore. There’s a nice grove of thick trees up there above the beach. But they’re still firing, firing faster and heavier. And there’s a large rock in the sand just behind me here on the beach. Which shelter am I going to run for?

I got my booster a week ago, behind the rock. Maybe that’ll enable me to make it to the safety of the trees when the chance opens up.

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Not easy being vaccinated, is it?

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You don’t need me to pile on here, but yes.

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Got the booster.

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Glad to hear it! <3

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